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Ask a VOM Worker: Getting Prepared, Part 2


Q: What else can kids do to prepare?

A: I think being friends with people from other cultures is good. That’s not what comes naturally. We’re friends with the people who it’s easy to be friends with.

It’s also good to know what some people have to endure as Christians. Just because you’re a Christian, it doesn’t mean everything is going to be great, but it’s definitely worth it.

We need to be thankful, too, but not just for material things. We are very blessed in America. Because of that, we need to be on guard and keep our faith in God at the front.

Also, just keep praying. That’s the most important thing.

Ask a VOM Worker: Getting Prepared, Part 1


Q: What kinds of things did you do as a child that helped prepare you for your work now?

A: This is kind of a funny one, but I think being open to eating other kinds of food. I always wanted to try new things. Just trying is good. Now when I go to India I can eat curry, fish heads, and the food that they love.

Also, getting a heart for other nations at a young age. My fourth grade teacher had been a missionary, so I was made aware of the need for the gospel in other countries. Then when I was in middle school, we would come to VOM headquarters and volunteer at the warehouse. Even when I was in Boy Scouts, I did my community service hours at VOM. That’s how I got involved, and later God opened the door for me to come work here.

Missionary to America

Eleven-year-old Julia W. from Kentucky wrote the following to The Voice of the Martyrs.

“Dear VOM, I plan on being a missionary to China and India. However, I am not yet of age. So, at the moment I am a missionary to America. This country needs help, too. I am not afraid of people, for they can kill the body, but not my soul. And God is more powerful than the whole world put together. I will continue to pray for your work in other countries. May God richly bless you.”

Avoiding the Dentist


The following letter from a VOM supporter in Virginia came to VOM earlier this year.

“Dear VOM, My name is Sarah. I am 12 years old and homeschooled. I am happy that you are helping people who are hurting. Next time I earn money from my grandma, I will donate it to you. If I don’t, I will just spend it on candy or junk. And I can’t spend it on candy because I think I have to go to the dentist next week. Anyway, I hope you can put the money to good use. Love, Sarah.

Ask a VOM Worker: Prepare to Serve


A VOM worker who has five children ages 3 to 14 was asked the following question.

Q: How can kids prepare to serve God in the future?

A: Children should begin to pray now that God will guide them to a place where he can use them to make a lasting impact for the kingdom, wherever that is. It may be somewhere outside of the United States, or it might be in their hometown. But wherever it is, I think each one of us has a circle of influence that we can use for his glory. Praying for that is really a good place to start.

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