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Bold Believers in North Korea

Bold Believers in North Korea includes stories, history and culture facts, activities, and recipes that help children understand the daily lives of people in a country where citizens are forbidden to practice Christianity. The 54-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Activities Story

10 Ways to Help Persecuted Christians in Less than 10 Minutes

1. Find out about Action Packs here . Tell your friends about the project, and make a plan to help them order and pack Action Packs to send to a country where Christians are persecuted.

2. Pray for persecuted Christians while waiting in line or riding to school or church.

3. Take The Voice of the Martyrs newsletters to your next doctor or dentist visit. Ask if you can leave them in the waiting room.

4. Let a children’s pastor know about the Kids of Courage VBS curriculum. Visit here to get facts to share with them.

5. Visit VOM’s site and make a list of three people you can pray for this week during mealtime prayers.

6. Read about Family Med Packs here. Ask your parents or teacher if you can participate in providing a Med Pack for victims of attacks by radical Muslims.

7. Visit and learn about writing letters to persecuted Christian prisoners.

8. A family in Utah put spare coins in a jar for a year, then sent the money to VOM to help persecuted Christians. They called the jar “the jar for the unknown soldier” in honor of Christians around the world who need encouragement. Decorate a jar to set in your house or classroom. Invite your family or classmates to help you collect spare change for a project to help struggling Christians.

9. Tell three friends about a story you read on this website and encourage them to visit the site to learn more about persecuted Christians.

10. Download the “One Hundred Ways Poster” from the Downloads section of this site to share with other Christians.

Spotlight Story

Pakistan: “Spring Is Coming”

For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land. — Song of Solomon 2:11-12.

Today is the first day of spring. Spring is often seen as a symbol of new beginnings, joy, and hope. Read the story below, and talk about what the man meant when he said, “Spring is coming into my life.” Share a time when you experienced a new beginning in your life.

Hasan is a Christian in Pakistan. One day when he got up in the morning, he prayed, “Oh Lord, today I will not do anything until You lead me to someone or bring someone to me who has lost hope and wants to know You. I want to be used by You directly.”

For several hours, nothing happened. “Nothing is going to happen,” Hasan thought. Just then, a man knocked on his door. Hasan invited him into his house.

Houses in Pakistan

The man was a Muslim who had walked three miles from his village to visit Hasan. “Someone told me about you, and I have come to you for prayer,” the man told Hasan. The man said he had been looking for a job for five years, but could not find one. “I am tired of my life,” he said.

Hasan was grateful to Jesus for answering his prayer for guidance. He told the Muslim, “You did not come here by chance. God brought you here. He wants to give you peace.” Hasan shared the truth about Jesus with the visitor and prayed for him. “I want to come back tomorrow,” the man said.

The next day, he returned. Hasan told him more about the God who save people from sin. The man was very excited! He wanted to know more about the one who gives people peace.

Now the man is going to church regularly. “Spring is coming into my life,” he said.

Thank God for leading the man to Hasan’s house. Pray that more people in Pakistan will learn about new life in Christ. Ask God if there is any way He wants to use you to reach someone else. 

Spotlight Story

Kyrgyzstan: Bible Survives Firebombing

Kyrgyzstani yurt

“Most Christians [in Kyrgyzstan] are unable to lead ordinary lives. They can be arrested for reading the Bible in a public place like a bus or train, or for telling other people about Jesus. Often the homes of local believers can be searched and their belongings confiscated by the police. Everyday Christian activities, such as praying together or doing a Bible study, can be deemed ‘illegal.’” — Release International

Earlier this year, radical Muslims firebombed a church in Kyrgyzstan. The fire damaged much of the church. It destroyed the pews and burned the altar and the cloth on top of the altar.

But the fire stopped when it reached the open Bible on top of the altar.

The Christians were encouraged when their Bible was amazingly spared from the flames. They continue to stand firm in their faith, and they plan to keep meeting at the same location after their church is repaired.

(Source: Release International)

To Do
Find Kyrgyzstan on a map or globe. Pray for protection for the Christians there.

Spotlight Story

Patrick: Slave and Evangelist

Young Patrick thought he was dreaming when he heard his father’s footsteps in the hallway outside his bedroom door.

“Wake up! Wake up! Pirates are invading our villa!” But before Patrick could leap to his feet, a pirate grabbed him by the arm. “You’re coming with me!” he gruffly scowled and hauled his prisoner away to the wicker boats on the sand of the shore below.

Patrick was a teenager when kidnappers seized him from his home. The kidnappers sold him as a slave to a master in Ireland. Patrick feared that he might never see his family again.

Patrick cried out to God for help, and he grew closer to the Lord while he was a captive. Later Patrick was able to escape and return home to his family. But he didn’t forget that people who had captured him did not follow Jesus.

Against his family’s wishes, Patrick went back to Ireland to share the gospel. He faced many challenges and obstacles, but he continued to serve God. Patrick died on a March 17th many centuries ago. We remember him every year on St. Patrick’s Day.

The story above comes from the book The Story of St. Patrick: More Than Shamrocks and Leprechauns. To learn more about this and other children’s resources, visit the resource page on this site.

The book ends with the following prayer:
Dear Jesus, I have friends who do not know You. I ask for boldness and graciousness to tell them about the promise of heaven You have offered to each of us who chooses to receive it. If they make fun of me for following a God they cannot see or for believing in a promise they do not understand, help me to stay close to You, and not be ashamed of You. Amen.

Uncategorized Story

Egypt: A Dream Church and the Cross

One night, Duhra had a dream about a big, white building. The building looked like a mosque where Muslims worship. But it had a cross on top.

Even though Duhra was a Muslim, she had seen crosses before. Some Coptic Christian students at her elementary school in Egypt had cross tattoos on their wrists or hands as a symbol of their faith.

The dream comforted Duhra, so she began drawing a cross on her own wrist. Duhra’s strict Muslim grandmother, who was raising her, was upset. “Christians can hurt you and they do many bad things,” Duhra’s grandmother told her.

When Duhra was in fifth grade, she was walking outside one day when she saw the building from her dream. It was a church! For then on, she often secretly left her house to visit another nearby church.

“God is Really With Me”
Duhra’s grandmother died, and Duhra’s mother returned from working in another country to care for her. Christians at church and in her neighborhood helped Duhra understand more about Jesus and the meaning of the cross. She placed her trust in Jesus as her Savior.

Duhra’s mother was not a strict Muslim, but she didn’t want her daughter to follow Christ. She mistreated Duhra, and when Duhra was old enough, her mother arranged for her to be married to a Muslim man.

When Duhra and her husband had a baby boy, Duhra gave him a Christian name. Her husband angrily kicked her out of their house, without their son. Now Duhra has not seen her son in 11 years.

Duhra’s life is difficult. She still has medical problems as a result of her mother’s abuse. But she remains faithful to God and prays that her relatives will come to know the Lord. The Voice of the Martyrs is helping Duhra with her medical needs. She is thankful for VOM and grateful to the Christians in her church who have become her new family.

“God is really with me,” Duhra said. “I think all the suffering and struggles strengthened me.”

To Talk About
* 1 Peter 3:15 says, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.”

Duhra was a child when she saw crosses on her classmates’ wrists. But she didn’t learn the true meaning of the cross until a few years later. If someone asked you what the cross means, how would you answer? Ask a mature Christian to help you prepare an answer if needed.

*What can you pray for Duhra’s son?

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