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Bold Believers in North Korea

Bold Believers in North Korea includes stories, history and culture facts, activities, and recipes that help children understand the daily lives of people in a country where citizens are forbidden to practice Christianity. The 54-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

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Burmese is the main language of Myanmar (Burma).

The Burmese language has two forms: formal and informal. The formal form is used in official publications and speeches, and in works of literature. The informal form is used in daily conversations. Burmese writing is made up of circles and curves in different combinations.

Here is how to pronounce some Burmese words.

A formal way to say “hello” is pronounced “MING-gah-lah-bah.”
“Jesus” is pronounced “jee-SOO.”
“Yes” is pronounced “HOW-deh.”
“No” is pronounced “mah-HOW-boo.”
“Water” is pronounced “jee.”
[Pronunciations are approximate.]

Learn more about Christians and life in Burma in Bold Believers in Burma, available in the Downloads section.

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Global Prayer Guide

“Pray that I will serve the Lord faithfully.”

When VOM workers meet with persecuted Christians, the first request they receive is for prayer. Persecuted believers understand that prayer is vital to their work of bringing the gospel to enemies who are hostile toward Christians.

VOM’s 2018 Global Prayer Guide helps Christians pray for each of the 68 nations where VOM works. It includes information about each country, details about life for Christians there, and facts about whether or not Bibles are available in the country.

Click here to order one free guide or to purchase additional copies.

Spotlight Story

Cuba: Christian Kids Banned from Activities

Cuban boy

VOM workers Todd Nettleton and Jonathan Ekman recently visited Christians in Cuba. They discovered that Jesus is the center of the believers’ lives, even though government officials often give them a hard time because of their loyalty to Christ.

Read part of Todd and Jonathan’s conversation below.

Todd: I’m a dad, and one of the things that we noticed was that the Christian children in Cuba pay a big price for what their parents are doing for God’s kingdom.

Jonathan: It’s a hard thing for us dads to think about. Because of their parents’ faith, children have lost opportunities in education, sports, and other things. Because their dads are pastors, they don’t have access to those things.

Todd: One Christian young man was very talented in an activity. But he was told, “Your talents are outstanding…but, sorry, you can’t be involved.” We heard stories of Christian students who went to school and got straight A’s right up until the day of graduation. Then they were told, “You won’t be able to get your diploma. Sorry.”

Jonathan: I asked a pastor’s son, “How do you feel about this?” He said, “It’s okay. We all pay a price.” A young man said that he has the world in front of him, but he is never going to get to experience it because of his faith.

The children have to go to a state school where they are taught communism all day long. [Learn more about communism here.] So VOM tries to help parents and families minister to their children.

(Source: Edited for clarity, length, and age appropriateness.)

To Talk About
*What did the pastor’s son mean when he said, “We all pay a price?” (Read 2 Timothy 3:12.)
* What is your favorite activity? What would you do if you were told you could no longer participate in the activity because of your faith in God?

What You Can Do Story

Prisoners to Pray For

The Voice of the Martyrs’ website lists Christians around the world who are in prison for their faith. The site provides a way for readers to write letters to the prisoners and to officials of their countries.

The story of each prisoner’s arrest and imprisonment are also available on the site. Can you visit the site and choose one or more prisoners to pray for? Some of the Christians have been in prison for more than 10 years, so praying for them may be a very long-term commitment.

However, several prisoners were released during the past year.

“One of [the] things I enjoy doing is crossing out names I have been praying [for on] my prisoner list,” wrote Marilene, a commenter on The Voice of the Martyrs’ Facebook page. “God is gracious.”

But sometimes ex-prisoners are not safe from further problems with the authorities. The site lists the names and stories of released prisoners,too. You can pray for their protection and for their ministries to bring many to Christ.

Activities Story

January Prayers from the U.K.

The kids’ page of VOM’s sister mission in the United Kingdom, Release International, includes prayers, flags, and printable activities. This month, the kids’ page features a language matching activity; information about Christians in Egypt, Laos, and Mexico; and a Bible verse code.

Find the page here.

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