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Embarrassed at School


The following skit is part of the Kids of Courage VBS curriculum. For information the curriculum, visit

Samir at School

Based on a true story from Egypt


  • Samir [sah-MEER], a male elementary school student. Later he becomes Narrator.
  • Teacher
  • Other students

Samir and other students are sitting at desks in a classroom. The teacher is at the front of the class.

Teacher: Samir?

Samir: Yes, ma’am?

Teacher: Are you a Christian?

Samir: Yes, ma’am.

(The other students snicker.)

Teacher: (to class) Are any of the rest of you Christians?

Other students: No way, not me, no, etc.

Teacher: We’re all Muslims, right?

Other students: That’s right, yeah, definitely, etc.

Teacher: Well, Samir, do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God?

Samir: Yes, I do.

(Other students laugh, giggle, make disapproving noises, etc.)

Teacher: (Walks to Samir’s desk holding a Quran. She talks as she walks.) But Jesus walked on earth. (stops by Samir’s desk) So how can He be the Son of God? Does God walk on earth? Does God eat? Does He sleep in a bed? (holds up the Quran) Our holy book, the Quran, says that Jesus ate food. It also says Jesus was a prophet and not the Son of God. Why don’t you understand that?

Other students and Teacher freeze. Samir, now the Narrator, gets up from his desk and walks to center stage to talk to the audience.

Narrator: Hi, I’m [real name]. Things like that don’t really happen at my school in America. But it did really happen to Samir, a kindergarten student in Egypt, where most people are Muslims. Samir felt alone when the students and teachers made fun of him. Philippians 2:6–11 tells about how Jesus came to earth as a man. But Samir did not know how to explain that to his teacher and friends.

Samir is now an adult. But children in Egypt are still teased for being Christians and pressured to give up their faith. Today Samir publishes a magazine for Christian children to help them learn how to stand up for their beliefs. We can ask God to help the Christian children in Egypt stay strong for Jesus.

Activities Story

Prayer Cube

Prayer Cube
Download the prayer cube

The following prayer cube patterns and instructions are from the Kids of Courage VBS curriculum.

Print the cube pattern (download it here). Photocopy the pattern onto thick colored paper. Cut the pattern out. Fold it into a cube and tape or glue it together. In a group: Briefly discuss the needs of Christians in the five countries. Divide into prayer groups and take turns rolling the cubes and praying for the country that is on the top of the cube.

Spotlight Story

Climbing Mountains for Jesus

Mountain village in Asia

How far would you have to walk to talk about Jesus with someone who does not yet follow Him?

Some Christian in Asia recently went on a difficult journey to reach people with the Good News of Jesus. No one had ever before told the people about Jesus and His love for them. If the Christians had not visited them, they may have lived their entire lives without knowing the truth.

Read the following VOM report about the Christians’ travels.

“Our contacts recently traveled over 120 hours on various vehicles and then walked 42 hours to reach several groups of people who have never heard the gospel. They crossed 16 mountains on the first part of the trip.

“In the first village they visited, six people came to Christ, including the village leader. In the second village, they were able to share the gospel with the entire village.

“They crossed two more mountains, and in the next village, four people gave their lives to Christ! In the final village, the local leader gave his life to Jesus, followed by three villagers. Some of these tribal people used to be cannibals.

“It was a privilege for our contacts to assist these lost tribes in meeting their Maker and Creator. They were able to train one young man from a tribe to do follow-up work with these people.

“Two years earlier, the Christians had visited a village in this area, and the villagers wanted them to come back. The Christians crossed six more mountains to see them. They visited the villagers house to house, and eight villagers gave their lives to Jesus.

“There are six more villagers the Christians would like to visit. Please pray for that need.”

(Source: Vision Beyond Borders. Paraphrases and edited from the original source for clarity.)

Read Romans 10:14–15 and Isaiah 52:7. How do those verses apply to the Christians who went on the difficult journey?

How many mountains are mentioned in the report? Read a book about mountain climbing or invite a mountain climber in your community to speak to your group. Ask him or her what challenges might be faced by someone crossing small mountains in Asia.

Spotlight Story

Easter Joy

South Sudan

A Christian who spent many years in prison for his faith told about some of the places where persecuted Christians celebrate Easter.

“You will have a feast on Easter,” he said. “In some places where Christians are persecuted, they meet secretly in cemeteries. But that is a good place to celebrate a resurrection!

“In prison in one country where Christians are persecuted, if someone dares to tell the Easter story to other prisoners, he might be put in a cold punishment cell the size of a phone booth with frost-covered walls.”

As you celebrate the resurrection of Christ, remember His persecuted followers who secretly worship Him in: prison, caves, “mobile church” vans, house churches, city apartments, tents, basements, jungles, and other locations.

“…Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and … He was buried and …He rose again the third day…” (1 Corinthians 15:3).

(Quotes above edited from original source for clarity.)

To Discuss

  • Why would cemeteries be a good place for Christians to meet secretly? Why would they be a good place to celebrate a resurrection?
  • Old-fashioned phone booths were closet-like enclosures with a door. They were about 37 inches wide and 37 inches long. Measure off a 37-inch square space on the floor (or make an enclosure out of a refrigerator box, and ask an adult to cut a door in it). Stand in the space to see how much space some Christian prisoners had when they were punished.
  • How would you explain the story of Easter to someone who had never heard it?

Photo credit: N9LXI / Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Videos Story

Solar Powered Bible Stories

The Voice of the Martyrs provides Christians with creative ways to share the gospel in countries where Bibles are scarce or limited by the government. Watch the video below to hear a Bible passage played on a small solar powered recorder. What story is the recorder playing?

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