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Earlier this year, radical Muslims attacked Christians in a village in Nigeria. The Muslim group “Boko Haram” has attacked many people and places in the area. They are fighting to rule Nigeria by Muslim law.

Gabriel, a boy in the village, lived with his father, also named Gabriel, and his mother. The father Gabriel was sick in bed with a serious illness. Gabriel’s mother wondered how she could flee with her son and her sick husband. She left her son Gabriel standing with a neighbor while she went to help her husband. As the boy waited, one attacker’s bullet hit the neighbor and another hit Gabriel. Both fell down. The neighbor died, and Gabriel suffered from a wound in the leg. The wound later became infected.

Please pray for Gabriel and for healing and comfort for all those who have been attacked in Nigeria.

Spotlight Story

Update: Sarah in Egypt

Sarah before she was kidnapped

A previous post told about Sarah, a girl from a Christian family in Egypt. In September 2011, when she was 14, Sarah was kidnapped by radical Muslims.

Most Muslims in Egypt would never think of kidnapping anyone. But some extreme Muslims kidnap Christian girls and try to make them become Muslims.

After Sarah was kidnapped, her father filed a missing person report with the police. The next month, radical Muslims said that Sarah had become a Muslim and had willingly married a Muslim man.

But Christians know that kidnapped girls are often forced to marry Muslims. Some Egyptian girls who have escaped kidnappers have told how Muslims tried to make them convert to Islam, the religion of Muslims.

A recent report from a VOM contact in Egypt said, “Sarah is still kidnapped. Please keep praying for her.”

Others to Pray For

Spotlight Story

A Grandfather’s Sacrifice

Vietnamese Boy

“Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego answered the king…‘We do not need to defend ourselves to you. You can throw us into the blazing furnace. The God we serve is able to save us…If He does this, it is good. But even if God does not save us, we want you…to know this: We will not serve your gods. We will not worship the gold statue you have set up’” (Daniel 3:16–18, New Century Version).

Jiang was a 3-year-old Vietnamese boy. He was special, because he was the first grandson of his father’s parents.

Jiang’s grandfather, Mr. Giang, loved him very much. But Jiang was able to see his grandfather only when it was dark — never in the daylight. During the day, Mr. Giang hid in a secret cave in hills outside their village. At night he traveled down to the village to be with Jiang and the rest of his family.

Mr. Giang was hiding from the police. They were looking for him because he refused to build a worship altar to the spirits honored by many non-Christians in Vietnam. The police feared Christians because they thought Christians would not obey the communist government. So sometimes they tried to force people to follow false religions just to keep them away from Christianity.

Thanks to his grandfather, Jiang could grow up knowing the truth of the gospel. But sometimes following the truth requires a sacrifice. Like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Daniel 3, Jiang’s grandfather endured trials for refusing to bow to false gods.

From the Kids of Courage archives

To Think About
Who made a sacrifice so you could hear the gospel? (Don’t forget those who were persecuted in the past for translating the Bible into your language.) What would you have to sacrifice for more people to hear the gospel?

Spotlight Story

Obedience: The Muslim Boy

A Muslim boy

“Whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also” (Matthew 5:39).

One day a Muslim boy heard a Christian boy talking about Jesus. “Jesus teaches that we must love our enemies. He says we should ‘turn the other cheek’ when we are struck,” the Christian explained.

“I will test this teaching,” thought the Muslim boy.

He slapped the Christian boy.

The Christian began weeping. “I am weeping for you,” he told the Muslim.

The Muslim was amazed. “Where does this teaching come from?” he asked the Christian. The Christian boy showed him Chapter 5 of the Book of Matthew. The Muslim boy read the whole chapter. He decided he would try to live by the teachings he found in the chapter.

But he could not. He had habit of saying bad words, and he couldn’t break the habit. And he couldn’t understand why it would be “blessed” to mourn (Matthew 5:4).

The Muslim boy asked a wise Christian for advice. The Christian said, “No one can follow such teachings by himself. Only one life has been perfect — the life of Jesus Himself. Ask Him to come into your heart and He will change you.”

The Muslim boy took the Christian’s advice, and he became a new person. The Christian boy’s obedience to the teachings of Jesus had opened his eyes to a new way of life.

Source: From the Lips of Children by Richard Wurmbrand

To Think About
A persecuted Christian in Sudan said, “I hated Muslims. Then I asked God to help me change. I asked others to pray for me, too. I learned that God can change your heart. Before, when I hated Muslims, I had no peace. But now I do.”

Sometimes it’s not easy to love. God’s plan is for us to love others, and to need His help to do it, every step of the way.

Activities Story

Quiz: What Do You Know About Persecution?

Question Mark

The following questions cover Bible stories about persecution and information about current situations. See how many you can answer, then share them with your family, group, or class to see if they know the answers.

  1. Who will suffer persecution, according to the Bible? (See 1 Timothy 3:12.)
    1. The rich
    2. All who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus
    3. Everyone who chooses not to follow Jesus
  2. Leaders in some countries try to stop people from celebrating Valentine’s Day, which they consider a Christian holiday. What are some of the countries?
    1. Mexico, Canada, the United States
    2. Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Iran
    3. Japan, Spain, South Korea
  3. Missionaries drop small parachutes carrying Christian books out of planes over guerrilla-controlled parts of Colombia. What kind of areas do the planes usually fly over?
    1. Oceans
    2. Desert
    3. Jungles
  4. In the Bible story of Nehemiah, how did Nehemiah’s enemies try to get him to stop doing the right thing?
    1. Laughed at him, lied about him, tried to get him to come to a meeting
    2. Got angry, made plans to attack him
    3. All of the answers in “a” and “b”
  5. People in North Korea can go to jail for which of the following?
    1. Bowing to statues of North Korean leaders
    2. Owning a Bible
    3. Talking against the United States
  6. Which of the following is true about persecution?
    1. The apostles in the Bible (Acts 5) rejoiced when they were persecuted.
    2. Almost all of the persecution of Christians happened long ago.
    3. If you do the right things, you are certain to avoid persecution for your belief in Jesus.
  7. According to Acts 14:22 (NIV), Paul and Barnabus said:
    1. “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God.”
    2. “We must do many good deeds to be sure to enter the kingdom of God.”
    3. “We must follow the Ten Commandments to be sure that we will enter the kingdom of God.”
  8. How did Paul say we must overcome evil? (See Romans 12:21.)
    1. Overcome evil with force
    2. Overcome evil with strict rules
    3. Overcome evil with good
  9. What is an “underground church?”
    1. A church that meets in a subway
    2. A church that meets in a secret location
    3. A church that meets in a cave
  10. What is a “martyr?”
    1. Someone who complains about their circumstances
    2. A bully
    3. Someone who makes a big sacrifice or risks losing something important because of their beliefs

Visit this link to view the answers to the quiz.

Quiz Answers

  1. b. All who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus
  2. b. Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Iran
  3. c. Jungles
  4. c. All of the answers in “a” and “b”
  5. b. Owning a Bible
  6. a. The apostles in the Bible (Acts 5)
  7. c. “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God.”
  8. c. Overcome evil with good
  9. b. A church that meets in a secret location
  10. c. Someone who makes a big sacrifice or risks losing something important because of their beliefs

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