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Sharing the Gospel at the Winter Olympics


Athletes from more than 50 countries will visit Russia this month to take part in the 2014 Winter Olympics. They have been practicing and preparing for years for the opportunity to compete for medals in their sports.

Other groups have also been preparing for many months. Christian volunteers plan to go to Russia, too. They will let athletes and other visitors know the good news that Jesus died for their sins, making it possible for them to follow Him and have a relationship with God. Many of the athletes come from countries where it is not easy to find out the truth about Jesus.

During past Olympics, Christians were not the only ones sharing their faith. Muslim groups have encouraged people to follow the teachings of Muhammad, the founder of Islam.

As you hear about events at this year’s Olympics, remember to pray for Christians who are following God’s command to “make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19). Pray that athletes and others will open their minds and hearts to God’s love for them.

More Creative 20th Century Bible Smuggling

RussiaRussian Bible

In the 1970s, The Voice of the Martyrs mailed part of the Russian New Testament to people in communist Russia. The Bible portions were printed in tiny letters on printing presses in Finland. VOM workers sent the Scriptures from post offices all over the world to addresses they found in the Moscow phone book. (Moscow is the capital of Russia.)

At that time, communist officials seized Bibles and recycled them into toilet paper. VOM workers mailed the Scripture portions in long envelopes to disguise the contents.