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Children’s Bibles

Romanian Children

How old were you when you got your first Bible? In some countries where there are few Christians, even some adults have never seen a Bible. The Voice of the Martyrs distributes Bibles to children in many of those countries. Now the children will grow up knowing who Jesus is.

VOM also supports Bible distributions to children in countries where Christians used to be persecuted. Christians in those countries often need help and encouragement. One of those countries is Romania.

The photo in this post shows Romanian children with their new children’s Bibles. A Christian worker in Romania reported to VOM: “The books were very well received because they are simple and easy to read. The children promised to read them daily. We pray their enthusiasm will prevail. We will support them in our prayers that the Holy Spirit will work in their little hearts. We all hope for a long-term impact of these books as a gate for knowledge of our Lord as personal Savior for each to them.”


Pastor Wurmbrand in prison

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, who started The Voice of the Martyrs, was in prison in Romania for his Christian activities. He spent part of his time in prison in “solitary confinement,” meaning he was by himself in a silent cell.

After he left prison, Pastor Wurmbrand wrote the following.

“Two thousand years ago a Greek man name Phocion waited his turn to get his beard trimmed by a barber. The barber talked on and on about current events to the customer he was shaving. Phocion waited wearily while the barber talked.

“Finally the barber turned to Phocion and asked, ‘How would you like to have your beard trimmed?’

“Phocion replied, ‘In silence.’”

Pastor Wurmbrand continued, “We are victims of a plot against silence. Every day we hear the noise of cars, trains, planes, radios, TVs, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, fans, chatter, clatter, and speech.

“I have known Christians who have spent years in solitary confinement in complete silence. When they once again heard humans speak, they wondered why so much of their speech was unimportant.

“If you wish to talk to God, create some silence around you. Turn off the noises that intrude on silence. You will learn more from God if you listen, as did Jesus when he spent whole nights in prayer on silent mountains.”

(Source: Reaching Toward the Heights by Richard Wurmbrand. Edited, paraphrased, and adapted.)

To Think About

  • Sit still and note all the noises you hear. Which noises would not have existed in Bible times?
  • Do you have a daily “quiet time” when you can read the Bible and pray without distractions?

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand: More About Freedom


Pastor Wurmbrand wanted to please God whether he was in or out of prison. He did not want to wait until he got out of prison to obey and serve God. And when he was released from prison, he didn’t want to use his freedom as an excuse to spend less time with God.

“Don’t think I’ve simply come from misery to happiness,” he said after his release. I’ve come from the joy of being with Christ in prison to the joy of being with him in my family. I’m not coming from strangers to my family, but from my brothers in Christ in prison to my family in Christ at home.”

To Think About
Do you think Pastor Wurmbrand was happier in or out of prison? What was the source of Pastor Wurmbrand’s happiness?

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Torchlighters DVD Guides and Student Handouts


Torchlighters DVDs tell the stories of real-life Christian heroes who faced obstacles and stood up to persecution. (Read more about the DVDs in the Resource section of this site.) Leaders guides and student handouts for each DVD are available free from the Downloads section.

The leaders guides include a synopsis of the life of the hero, lesson plans for teaching children about the featured Christian, descriptions of key people who influenced the hero, historical background about the period of history when the hero lived, and a timeline.

Student handouts include coloring pages from scenes in the DVD, numerous games and activities, craft ideas, interview suggestions, story questions, and discussion starters.

For further information, check

Extreme Forgiveness


The founder of The Voice of the Martyrs, Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, was in prison for a total of 14 years for his faith. He was treated harshly in prison. He and his family were also betrayed by “friends” who helped the police arrest him.

Pastor Wurmbrand said, “Neither those who hurt us, nor those who betrayed friendship when they should have proved it, could do us more harm than we were able to forgive.”

“Those who betrayed friendship when they should have proved it” means friends who should have been loyal to the Wurmbrands and helped them, instead of helping their enemies.

Acts 12 tells us that Peter was afraid when Jesus was arrested, so he pretended not to know Jesus! Peter was sorry that he did not speak up for his friend. Jesus’ enemies crucified him on the cross. After he rose from the dead, Jesus let Peter know that he forgave him for not standing up for him, and he told Peter to keep on following him.

Jesus tells us to forgive others as he forgives.

Have you known someone or heard of someone who might be difficult to forgive? Have you prayed for them?