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Ask a VOM Worker: Countries


Question: Which of the countries you have visited is your favorite? Which countries need prayer the most?

Answer: My favorite is Sudan because that was the first one I went to and the one I have visited the most. Ministry has changed a lot there over the years. When I first went there, it was an open war zone. You could do whatever you wanted and didn’t have to hide because it was already a war zone.

The need for prayer changes, depending on all that’s happening. Right now Pakistan is very much in the forefront. But probably the country that’s most on my mind in North Korea. It’s probably the most restricted nation, or one of the top two. The other is Saudi Arabia.

Boy Refuses to Become a Muslim

Ehtasham is an 8-year-old boy from a Christian family in Pakistan. One day last summer, he walked by a madrassa on his way to the market. (A madrassa is an Islamic school. Islam is the religions of Muslims.) Seven boys from the school gathered around Ehtasham. They tried to force him to become a Muslim and to recite Muslim beliefs by saying, “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.”

Ehtasham refused, and the bullies hit him. At that moment, Ehtasham’s uncle, Dildar, happened to pass by. Dildar pulled Ehtasham away from the boys and took him home. Later, police arrested Dildar and charged him with “blasphemy” for dishonoring Muslim beliefs. Dildar is still in jail. His family and Ehtasham’s family have moved away from their village for their safety. Please pray for them and other Christians living in Pakistan.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs

Photo: A Christian in jail in Pakistan. Credit: Morning Star News

See Comparing God in the Bible and Allah in the Quran to learn more about the differences between the beliefs taught at the madrassa and biblical Christian beliefs.

Following Jesus in Pakistan

PakistanAnita and her children in their shop

Sarah, Shane, and Sami live with their mother, Anita, and their grandparents in Pakistan. Their mother loves Jesus and hopes her children will follow him all their lives.

The children’s father recently left the family because Anita would not agree to become a Muslim. He used to be a Christian, but was not walking closely with Jesus and was tempted to explore Islam, the religion of most of the people in Pakistan. He wanted his wife to join him in denying Christ.

Anita knows she and her children will have difficulty meeting their daily needs without her husband’s support. VOM is helping her start a small business.

Please ask God to take care of the family, and to help them continue to follow him, even in hard times. Pray that the children’s father will have a true change of heart and will follow Jesus, too. Ask God to strengthen Christians in Muslim lands who are tempted to leave their faith.

Quarrel Leads to Prison


Andrew, a 10-year-old Christian, lives in Pakistan. He has three sisters and two brothers. Many of the students at his school are Muslims.

Pakistan’s “blasphemy laws” say that no one may speak against Islam or damage the Muslim holy book, the Quran. Even Christians who do not do those things are sometimes accused of blasphemy by Muslims who want revenge for something.

That is what happened to Andrew’s family.

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Baraf Pani, a Game of Pakistan

Baraf pani is like freeze tag, a traditional game played in many countries. To play the game, start with two teams that have the same number of players on each team. Play in an open space, inside or outside.

One team are the chasers, and the other team are chased. When a chaser tags someone on the chased team, the tagged person turns into “baraf” (ice) and must stand in a designated area at one edge of the playing space. If another member of the chased team touches someone in the baraf area without getting tagged himself, the baraf person becomes “pani” (water) and can leave the baraf area to play again.

When everyone on the chased team is frozen into ice, the teams switch. The chasers become the chased. If the chasers have difficulty tagging everyone, you can make the playing area smaller.