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Flags of Turkey and Similar Flags


The flags of many Muslim countries display the crescent moon and a star. Before Islam began, pagans who worshipped many gods used the crescent moon as a symbol. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.) Muslim Turks who conquered Constantinople also used the moon as their symbol. (Constantinople in now called Istanbul. Istanbul is the capital of Turkey.)

People began to associate the crescent moon with the religion of Islam. Some Muslims today say the moon is not a symbol of Islam. However, the moon and star appear on the flags of many Muslim countries.

Print and color the page of flags here. The background of the flag of Turkey is red and the moon and stars are white. Find the colors of the other flags in the Countries section of this website, in the online CIA Factbook, or in other sources.

Enter the names of the countries in the search box of this site or the tags for this post to find stories that can guide you about how to pray for the country.

Update: Pakistani Parents with Their Children


A post on this site last year told the story of a Christian mother and father who went to prison after their children had a quarrel with Muslim children at school. The Christian parents were falsely accused of blasphemy. Read the story here.

Earlier this year, the court found that the charges against the couple were false. The father had been released on bail earlier, and now the children’s mother is also free!

Please continue to pray for the family and for Christians still in prison in Pakistan. Visit to learn about another mother in a Pakistani prison for blasphemy, Asia Bibi.

The Story of Jesus in Pakistan


The Voice of the Martyrs recently distributed booklets that tell the story of Jesus to schoolchildren in Pakistan where most of the people are Muslim.

As you look at the photos of some of the children, pray for all who received the booklets.

Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan

Making Bricks in Pakistan

Many Christians in Pakistan are very poor. In many cases they have not been able to get the education they need, and Muslims are often given the best jobs. Christians are forced to take hard, low-paying jobs. Many work at brick factories making bricks for less than 10 dollars a day.

SDOK, The Voice of the Martyrs’ sister mission in the Netherlands, took the video below of a brick maker in Pakistan. Do you think you could do that job all day, six days a week like Christians in Pakistan?

To read stories about Christian brick makers in Pakistan, read our posts Waiting for Moses and Pakistan: Youth Sunday School Teacher Shares With Muslims. For instructions on making your own brick, visit this guide.

Persecuted for Sharing the Gospel

Nadia and her family now
Pakistan man reading a Christian book

Rachid is a 7-year-old boy in Pakistan. Rachid’s uncle, Kazim, is an evangelist. After working as a farmer during the day, Kazim rode his bicycle from place to place at night telling people the good news of Jesus.

One night as he was getting ready, six radical Muslim men came to his house. The men did not like Kazim because he taught Muslims about Jesus.

Kazim whispered to Rachid, who was nearby, “Please take my Bible and keep it with you.” Kazim knew that the Muslims might try to harm him. They had tried to force him to give up his faith in Christ once before. He wanted to make sure his Bible would be safe.

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