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Nigeria: Grace and Philip

(Source:; photo: Philip and a VOM worker)

At about 7:00 one evening in 2018, Grace and her sister, Patience, were playing with their cousin at the family’s home in Nigeria. Their brother, Philip, was asleep on the couch. Ladi, their mother, was on her way home from the market, and Yakubu, their dad, was taking care of them.

Yakubu heard men’s voices coming closer to the house. Fulani Muslim attackers were in the neighborhood. Yakubu extinguished their kerosene lamp and told the children to hide in the corner behind the couch, and he began to pray. Grace shielded Patience with her body. But as the men entered the house and began striking the family with machetes, the girls screamed, “Jesus!” revealing their hiding place. Both were struck with the attackers’ weapons.

After the attackers left, Yakubu was able to run to the main road, and he found a relative who helped him take the children to the hospital. Their lives were saved. Grace and Philip had the most serious injuries.

Grace has recovered enough to return to school, but sometimes has nightmares. Philip lost an eye in the attack, and has some head injuries. He walks with a limp. He asks God to forgive the attackers.

Please pray for their continued recovery.

Nigeria: Halima

(Source: VOM Australia)

When Halima was 6 years old, her life changed in dramatic ways. Like many of the people in Nigeria, she and her parents were Muslims. But her father, Adod, learned about God’s gift of salvation through Jesus, and he became a Christian. Soon Halima and her mother joined him in trusting Jesus as their Savior.

Adod’s relatives were angry because he left Islam to follow Christ. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.) They forced Halima’s mother to divorce Adod, marry a Muslim man, and follow Muslim ways. Halima had to move to her stepfather’s house with her mother. In her new home, Halima was mistreated because she was a Christian.

Adod was concerned about Halima, so at great risk, he took her from her stepfather’s home and arranged for her to stay at a pastor’s house. But Muslims threatened the pastor for taking care of her.

Christians helped Halima move to a safer location where she will not be harmed. Adod is nearby, and they are able to see each other often.

(Photo: Halima with friends. She is wearing the striped jacket.)

Pray for Muslims around the world who are mistreated when they decide to follow Christ.



(From the Kids of Courage archives.)

Three-year-old Joel was walking home on a Sunday after church in Nigeria. Radical “Boko Haram” Muslims spotted Joel, grabbed him, and made him sit down. They saw a children’s Bible in his hand and demanded that he give the book to them.

Joel refused to let go of the Bible.

One of the men took it from him by force and threw it into a fire burning nearby. Joel ran to the fire and tried to get his Bible out of the flames with a stick.

But a Boko Haram attacker knocked Joel to the ground. Joel was injured, and after the radicals left, he was taken to the hospital where he began healing from his wounds.

“Even a child makes himself known by his acts, by whether his conduct is pure and upright” (Proverbs 20:11).


Camps for Persecuted Kids

Nigerian teen

Christians in Nigerian are experiencing numerous attacks by Fulani Muslims attackers and Boko Haram terrorists. At times, Christian children are injured in the attacks.

Some of the kids had lived in the same houses since they were born. They watched as terrorists burned down their homes. Others saw family members attacked.

Do you think that some of the kids were angry and sad? They were. The Voice of the Martyrs sponsored camps for teens who needed help getting through their anger and sadness.

The teens made friends with other kids at the camp who were also sad and angry. Together they worked to understand the Bible’s lessons about forgiving enemies. The camp leaders hoped the teens would also learn that they did not have to see revenge against those who persecuted them.

VOM workers said, “Pray that they will continue to find peace in Christ and share their eternal hope with others in their community.”


Nigeria: Melody and Marvelous

James and Marvelous

Will you pray for Melody and Marvelous?

Melody is 3 and Marvelous is 7. The Voice of the Martyrs is helping their family with rent, school fees, clothing, and medical care. But they still need prayer.

Last year, Melody had to spend two months in the hospital. She needed surgeries to help her heal after a bullet struck her during an attack on their village in Nigeria. (She is mentioned in the story here.) The militant Muslim attackers also hit Marvelous on the head and knocked her unconscious.


The girls’ father, James, stayed by their side through their recovery. But their mother, Mary, died in the attack. James and the girls were very sad. They lost Mary, and they lost their home. The attackers moved into the Christians’ homes and took the villagers’ land. James and the girls lived in a camp for displaced people for eight months.

A VOM worker is counseling James and other Christians who suffered in the attacks. “I feel like I have people who care for me,” he said. But forgiveness for the attackers will take more time.

James asked for prayer for himself, Melody, and Marvelous. “Pray that God will strengthen us and make us strong in our faith and provide for our desires,” he said.

(Source: The October 2019 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Edited for length, clarity, and age-appropriateness.)

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