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Mali in the News


A Nation of Muslims
“Mali is a nation where more than 90 percent of the people are Muslim,” said a VOM contact in Africa. “This is not because all the people love the Muslim religion. But it is because the religion was imposed on them by their parents. It is their ancestors’ religion.”

In recent times, different groups have been fighting for control of parts of Mali. Radical Muslims and Tuareg people have fought against the government.

The war caused some people in Mali to look for truth outside of Islam, the religion of Muslims. “With the war, they have seen the ravages of Islam,” said the VOM contact.

“A Good Time to Help”
The Bible says, “But before people can trust in the Lord for help, they must believe in Him. And before they can believe in the Lord, they must hear about Him. And for them to hear about the Lord, someone must tell them” (Romans 10:14, ICB).

“It is a very good time to help the people in Mali know the truth about Christianity so they can make their own choice,” said the VOM contact. VOM provides Christian materials for people in Mali. Bad roads and fighting have often made it difficult for Christian workers to pass out Bibles among the people.

Note: Mali celebrates their Independence Day on September 22. The country became independent from France in 1960.

Pray that everyone in Mali will have the opportunity to learn about true freedom and salvation by God’s grace through His Son Jesus.

Comments from reports edited for clarity. Photo credit: CIA World Factbook

Trouble for Christians in Timbuktu


Timbuktu is often used to mean a faraway, imaginary place. But it is a real city in Mali (learn more here).

Recently there has been fighting in Mali. One group of rebels are radical Muslims who want to spread Muslim law (called Shariah law). Another group are Tuaregs who want a homeland of their own.

(In many Muslim countries, women wear veils and men do not. The opposite is true among the Tuareg people. The men wear veils and the women do not. The veils cover the bottom half of their face. Traditionally, the men also wear turbans on their heads.)

Librarians in Timbuktu are hiding books so they won’t be damaged in the fighting. Christians, fearing trouble from Muslims, have fled Timbuktu for safer places.

Pray for peace in Mali, and for all to learn about the Prince of Peace.