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Food for Stranded Refugees

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A group of people, mostly Muslims, have taken over part of a church’s property in Lebanon. They plant food crops on the land, care for the crops, pick them, and distribute them among their friends and neighbors. How do you think the pastor of the church feels about their activities? Actually, the pastor offered them the property to use as a garden, and he welcomes them!

The families who plant the crops are refugees who fled from Syria to escape a war. (Photo above: Syrian refugee children) Many have been stranded in Lebanon for five to 10 years with no way to go home.

The Voice of the Martyrs provides food to another pastor in Lebanon, who then takes the food to refugee families in their homes. The project gives the pastor the opportunity to visit refugees and share the gospel with them as God leads him.

Learn more about what’s going on in Lebanon here.

To Talk About
Do you think it’s wise for the pastor to let Muslims plant crops on his land? Why or why not?

Lebanon: Kids Praying in Jesus’ Name

War in Syria has left many people, both Christians and Muslims, without homes. Some have fled the country for safer places. Christians started a school for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon.

When the school opened a few years ago, non-Christian students covered their ears when the Christians prayed. But now they gladly fold their hands to pray before meals. They ask for protection, clean hearts, and good health.

“Amazingly, these children pray in the name of Jesus,” said a VOM contact. “They actually believe He is the only one who can answer their prayer.”

The Christians are praying that the Syrian children will remain committed to Jesus and will share His love with other Syrians.


Photo above: At first these children of Syrian refugees refused to pray. The teacher’s eyes are covered to protect her identity from people who may want to harm Christians.

Learn more from Bold Believers in Syria, available in the free Downloads section.

Lebanon: An Unusual Bible Club

Violence and war in Syria have forced both Muslims and Christians to leave their homes and live as refugees in other countries. Many of the refugees now live in Lebanon. They find shelter in tents, broken down buildings, and in fields. Their lives are difficult.

Churches in Lebanon try to help the refugees. Each month, Christians in a city in Lebanon teach Bible lessons to about 70 Syrian refugee children and their parents in a Bible club.

Recently, the Christians taught the children Luke 2:40 while their parents were learning the same verse in a parents’ meeting. The children’s Muslim parents know they are studying the Bible, but they don’t mind. In fact, the parents are impressed with the things they are learning from Scripture.

The staff meet regularly for prayer and discipleship with a group of eight boys and five girls after each study. “We would like to thank the Lord for the ministry in the difficult area of our country where we are serving,” said the Bible ministry team leader.

To Talk About
*Read Luke 2:40. Who is the verse telling about?
*Read about Syria here. What does it say about Muslims leaving their religion to become Christians? Do you think it takes courage for a Syrian Muslim to go to a Christian Bible study?
*What does the team leader say about his ministry? Do you think it takes courage for the Bible club leaders to teach Muslims about the Bible? Is there anyone with whom you might be reluctant to share the gospel?

Mary’s Story

Lebanese girl
Lebanese girl

Mary was 17 years old when Muslim fanatics raided her village in Lebanon. Mary and her parents had two choices: “become a Muslim or be shot.”

Mary boldly told one of the men, “I choose God. Go ahead and shoot.” Mary and her family were shot. Two days later, helpers arrived in the village and found a miracle. Mary was alive! However, she was paralyzed by the bullet wound.

Mary held on to her faith and prayed. Finally a strange peace came over her. She made the following promise to God: “Everyone has a job to do. So I will offer my life for the Muslims who tried to kill me. My life will be a prayer for them.”

Her prayers and witness for Christ brought many Muslims to faith in Jesus. Mary’s offering of her life also encouraged many Christians to stay in their country during a war to take a stand for Christ.

(Source: Extreme Devotion, available at VOM Books. Edited and paraphrased. Please preview the book before sharing the stories with children.)

A Blessed Baby


A man and his wife who work for The Voice of the Martyrs recently had a baby girl! Dory, the baby’s mother, recently shared her thoughts:

“We named her ‘Rajah,’ a transliteration of the word for ‘hope’ used in Arabic Bibles when it refers to future hope. [Arabic and English use different alphabets to form words. Transliteration is when a word in one language is written using characters from another alphabet.]

“Here on earth we expect tribulation, enduring patiently, but we also rejoice in our hope for the future (Romans 12:12).

“In the last three months, my husband and I have hosted VOM workers from Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Israel in our home. Each time we introduced Rajah to our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters, every one of our friends immediately offered a blessing over our baby daughter….

“They prayed for God’s favor for Rajah in expectation that she, too, will be used by the Lord to point people to his truth. This path might not be easy.

“When our friends bless Rajah, do they bless to request God’s favor and protection on her? No, they bless her to dedicate her to God’s service, a position they know from experience is not always pain-free, but they also know that there is no better place to spend a life than to spend it dedicated to God’s service.

“That is my prayer for my daughter, for myself, and for all of us as we work together to fellowship with the persecuted. We may need to make difficult choices, endure difficult circumstances, but we do so in hope that we will someday enjoy an eternity worshipping the only One who is worthy of our efforts.”

Source: Persecution Blog