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Doing Nothing

Indonesian Pastor

The Voice of the Martyrs reports about Christians who are persecuted so that Christians in free countries can help them and pray for them. It is often helpful when praying for people if you learn true facts about their lives and their country.

Two Common Mistakes

  • Some people believe that persecuted Christians are “super Christians.” As a VOM worker said, “Persecuted Christians are not super Christians, but ordinary people who through God’s grace and power have been enabled to do extraordinary things. We serve the same God and have access to the same grace and power.”
  • Some people believe that no Christians can ever worship in countries where Christians are persecuted. But in many countries where VOM works, there are Christian churches in large cities.

    “Some of them obey laws against witnessing to others,” said a VOM worker. “Those churches are not persecuted because they aren’t doing anything.” They may obey laws against talking about Jesus outside of church, teaching children about Jesus, or allowing non-Christians to visit their church.

    But often other Christians in their country are persecuted because they obey God’s command to “make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19). The Indonesian pastor in the photo above preached outside after his church was destroyed by enemies.

  • To Talk About

    • Read John 15:20–21. Why are Christians persecuted?
    • How can we pray for churches whose members are persecuted?
    • How can we pray for churches whose members love Jesus but are afraid to tell others about Him?
    • Are you ever afraid to tell others about your faith?
    • If there were a law in your country against talking about Jesus in public, would you ever be arrested?

Lydia: An Update, Part 2


Read the previous post about Lydia, an Indonesian Muslim woman. Lydia came to Christ after she was rescued from a serious accident. Her story continues below.

Lydia was baptized and began to attend church regularly. Her Muslim husband did not want her to be a Christian. He treated her roughly and insulted her with harsh words.

One day, Lydia’s youngest child said to his dad, “Enough, Father! Stop!” The boy was the child Lydia was expecting when the van crashed into their home.

But Lydia’s husband finally kicked her and their children out of his house. They had a difficult time finding a safe place to live. The Voice of the Martyrs provided them with housing and helped Lydia start a small business.

Lydia Today
Recently Lydia had a stroke. VOM helped her get medical treatment. She has other medical problems for which she continues to take medication.

Acts 14:22 says, “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God.” We can help Christians near us who are having hard times, and we can pray for those who are far away.

Lydia had serious health problems after she was persecuted. It is possible that harsh treatment helped cause her health problems.

Remember to pray for strength and health for persecuted Christians.

Lydia: An Update


The November 2010 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine told the story of Lydia, a Christian girl in Indonesia. Like most people in Indonesia, Lydia’s family and relatives were Muslims. Her parents enrolled her in a Muslim school. But Lydia quit going to the school when she was 16. Her parents were angry, because they wanted her to be more serious about her Muslim faith and her Muslim schooling.

Later, after Lydia was married and expecting her sixth baby, she was watching TV when a van crashed into her living room. While Lydia was pinned under the van, she saw a man in a shining white robe. He touched her and said, “You are safe. Follow Me.” Lydia felt peace and freedom from pain.

Rescue workers pulled Lydia from under the van, and she looked for the man in the robe. “What are you looking for?” a rescuer asked.

“I want to see the one who saved me,” Lydia replied. “No,” said the rescuers. “We are the ones who helped you.”

Lydia talked to her Christian nephew about what happened. He told her that the man might have been Jesus, and he gave her a Bible. Lydia read in the Book of John that Jesus had said, “Follow Me,” just as the man at the accident had said.

Lydia’s nephew helped her understand what it means to follow Christ, and Lydia became a Christian.

Read in the next post what happened Lydia after she gave her life to Jesus.

David’s Search for the Truth, Part 3

Muslim youth in Indonesia
Muslim youth in Indonesia

The previous two posts told about David, a Muslim boy whose search for truth led him to Jesus. Fearing that his family would be angry about his new faith, David decided to keep his it a secret.

David waited until his father went to sleep, then he watched Christian TV programs. One night, the preacher on TV shouted the name of Jesus and woke up David’s father, who shouted at David in anger.

David found that he felt bolder rather than more fearful after his father’s outburst. He found the courage to try to share the gospel with his father several times.

After David was baptized, his father lost all patience. He chased David out of their house and down the street with a large walking stick. Neighbors were alarmed as he screamed at his son and tried to strike him with the stick.

David moved into the home of an evangelist and began to study to become an evangelist himself. He called his father to make peace. But his father said, “If you want to be my son, deny Jesus.” When David refused, his father stopped speaking to him.

David finished his training and returned to his own village. He passed out copies of the Book of Luke and showed DVDs about Jesus. Many listened to the message and believed in the God of the Bible.

But others were angry.

David met once more with his father. David’s father saw that Jesus had changed David, but he still refused to believe.

David continues to share God’s love among his people. He longs for all of them to come to know the truth about Jesus like he did. He says he is not worried about persecution; Jesus is his Lord and will strengthen him.

Read the three posts about David and his search for the truth, then discuss the following questions with your family or group.

  • Why do you think David continued to contact his father even after his father chased him with a stick and kicked him out of the house?
  • What did David’s Christian friend do when David mocked him? What do you do when someone mocks or teases you?
  • Were all David’s problems solved when he became a Christian?
  • Why did David decide to keep his faith a secret at first?
  • Would anyone be angry if they knew you were a Christian? When you first meet someone new, how long would they have to be around you before they realized you were a Christian?
  • Name all the people in the story. How might you pray for each of them?

Download the book Bold Believers in Indonesia from the Downloads section of this site.

David’s Search for the Truth, Part 2

Muslim youth in Indonesia
Muslim youth in Indonesia

The previous post told about David, a Muslim boy in Indonesia. His search for truth led him to Christians who explained the good news of Jesus. David was confused about what he heard and was not ready to leave his Muslim faith. But his search for truth continued.

David then heard another evangelist explain that Jesus is the only way to heaven. The evangelist invited David to his home where he taught David more about truths in the Bible. David began to attend a study group at the home every week.

David wanted to find the truth, but he was also afraid of making his family angry. Then David’s Muslim friends started to mock him because he talked to Christians. They called him an infidel, and they quit spending time with him.

David saw that his Christian friends were kinder and more loving than his Muslim friends. The Muslims’ mockery and insults helped him to finally decide to follow Jesus.

Then David realized that his search was over. He had found the truth. David felt peace in his heart.

But he was still afraid of his family. He decided to keep his new faith a secret.

Read more about what happened when David’s father discovered that David was a follower of Jesus in the next post.