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Father’s Day Prayer

Father's Day

Phurbu is a 10-year-old boy in Nepal, where most of the people follow the Hindu religion. His family is Christian and his father is a pastor.

Phurbu has a brother, Lakpa, who is 8, and a 7-year-old sister, Sumjung. Their family used to live in a remote area of Nepal, but moved to a city so the children could go to better schools.

Earlier this year, Phurbu’s father told VOM contacts what had recently happened to the family.

“We came from an area of Nepal where no one cared that we ate beef, said Prurbu’s father. “But as a Hindu tradition, eating beef is not allowed. They consider cows and oxen to be a symbol of a god and goddess.

“In October 2012, we ate beef. All the local people accused us of killing a cow, but we did not. The local people destroyed our home and all the things inside our house. The Christians were scattered from the area. The local people handed us over to the Hindu committee. They called the police, and I was arrested.”

With their father in jail, the family faced difficult days. Christians helped and prayed for the family. On Father’s Day this year, please pray for Phurbu, Lakpa, Sumjung, and others who are separated from their fathers because their family follows Jesus.

(Some of the quotes and stories on this websites have been edited and paraphrased from the original sources for clarity.)

Sana Has a Good Morning in Egypt

Egyptian girl

People in Egypt have faced upsetting times in recent months. The government has gone through some changes, and the country got a new leader last year. Persecution against Christians has increased.

Some Egyptian youth learn about Jesus through the Internet and Facebook. Read the story below from an Egyptian girl.

My name is Sana. I am the only daughter of my mom and dad. The both are very kind. They are rich, too, and they never prevented me from getting what I want.

I never was a religious person. But I’m not evil. I believed in a God who is in heaven and has nothing to do with the people on earth.

I had everything a girl desires, but I used to get depressed. I didn’t want to see or talk to anybody. One day I lifted my head to heaven and prayed for help, though I didn’t know if God was really there.

Two days passed after I prayed this prayer. I was not sure there was a God listening.

One day in the morning I turned on my computer. I opened my Facebook page for the first time in months.

I wrote the word “Jesus” in the search box. I found the page of a Christian radio program. I went to their website and listened to the program. I heard someone talking about “good morning,” and why we greet each other using those words. He said there is someone who can give me a good morning every day.

He talked about sin, and salvation from sickness and depression. I felt like he was talking to me.

I prayed with him and gave my life to Jesus. Immediately I felt happy, and I was no longer depressed.

Sana sent a note to the radio broadcaster telling him her story and including the following thank you note.

“I do not know how to thank you. I am praying that God can use you. You saved my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My mom and dad thank you so much, too. I love you.”

(To protect their identities, the names of some of the people on this website and some identifying details have been changed. Some of the quotes and stories have been edited and paraphrased from the original sources for clarity.)

Pastor Attacked in Uganda

Umar with bandages

Parents and Teachers: The June issue of The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter includes stories of Christians in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Egypt. To subscribe to the free monthly newsletter, visit our subscription signup page. As you read the newsletters, you may want to share stories from this site about the featured Christians with your children. Then pray together for the people in the stories.

Christianity is growing in Uganda. Radical Muslims want the growth to stop.

Umar is a pastor in Uganda. He and his wife have six children.

On Christmas Eve in 2011, Pastor Umar was attacked on his way to church. The attackers threw some acid at the pastor, and it burned his face.

Seven months later, someone threw a note into Pastor Umar’s church. The note threatened Umar’s family with further harm.

But the pastor was not at the church. He was in another country getting treatment for his burn scars.

In February 2013, attackers again came to the church. They brought more acid with them. But they spilled they acid on the church veranda, and no one was injured.

Ask God to continue to protect Pastor Umar, his wife, and their six children. The Voice of the Martyrs is helping support and encourage the family.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs June 2013 newsletter

Kids of Courage VBS Curriculum Available


After some minor editing changes, the Kids of Courage VBS curriculum is again available. To order, visit VOM Books.

The curriculum includes true stories of children from 5 countries: Egypt, China, North Korea, India, and Nigeria.

Kids learn that Kids of Courage: Trust God, Get Prepared (by learning about how Christians in other countries and in the Bible faced difficulties), Forgive Others, Witness Boldly, and Remember Persecuted Christians. They learn that they, too, can be Kids of Courage.

Children will discover that persecuted Christians may experience joy and victory in times of struggle, and they learn about obedience to God and perseverance in tough situations. They also learn about forgiving and praying for enemies.

The VBS is being used in small and large churches, and is quite affordable for all groups. Some children’s workers are finding that the curriculum includes so much information, they can also use it in Sunday school and other settings after their VBS is over. Several groups have said they plan to use it for two years.

The curriculum includes opportunities to share and explain the gospel to children who have not yet trusted in Christ as their Savior. Directors who have used the curriculum report that children have come to Christ during the VBS.

Each kit includes:

  • Five teachers’ guides, one for each country
  • Director’s guide
  • Skits and plays book
  • Games, snacks, and activities book
  • Craft and classroom activities book
  • Photo CD; Music CD
  • Resource and project guide
  • VOM prayer map

The official VBS website has more information, samples of the curriculum, and feedback from VBS directors.



Many Christians in Egypt are poor. Sometimes Muslims promise teenage Christian girls money if they convert to Islam. Muslim boys even offer to marry Christian girls if the girls will leave their family and their faith.

After they leave their families, the girls often get homesick. But many are ashamed to go back home. In addition, they often find out that the promises made by the Muslim boys are not true.

Some radical Muslims go to great lengths to force Christians to follow Islam instead of Christ. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.) Most Muslims in Egypt would never think of kidnapping anyone. But some extreme Muslims kidnap Christian girls and try to make them become Muslims.

VOM sources say that at least 24 Egyptian Christian girls have been kidnapped recently. Sarah, age 14, was kidnapped in September 2011. Sarah’s father filed a missing person report with the police. In October, radical Muslims said that Sarah had become a Muslim and had willingly married a Muslim man.

But Christians know that the kidnapped girls are often forced to marry Muslims. A VOM worker who travels to Egypt recently shared stories from girls who escaped from radical Muslims. The girls told how the kidnappers had tried to force them to become Muslims.

Pray for Sarah and all the girls who are separated from their families.