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IDOP Prayer Reminders

Note: The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) will be observed on November 1st and throughout the month of November this year. To make clothespin magnets that remind you to pray for persecuted Christians all year long, glue decorations on one side of a clothespin. (Or decorate it with colorful, patterned duct […]

Cup Sleeve Prayer Reminders

Does your church or family use cup sleeves to protect people’s hands from the heat of hot drinks? You can decorate the sleeves in a way that reminds others to pray for persecuted Christians. Use: markers, colorful tape, wrapping paper, felt, craft foam, contact paper, or photos from The Voice of the Martyrs’ publications (or […]

Technology, Prayer, and Ramadan

Muslims can buy special watches or computer software to remind them of the exact times for their five daily prayers. Or they can arrange to have reminders sent to a cell phone or an email address.

“Qibla” is an Arabic word that refers to the direction Muslims must face while praying. Muhammad taught that Muslims must pray toward Mecca. Some hotels that serve Muslim customers have qibla markers in their guest rooms to show the correct direction to face. TV screens on Saudi Arabia Airlines planes show qibla compasses for passengers.

In countries where many Muslims live, sunset and sunrise times may appear on TV during Ramadan or be announced by a siren.

Chalkboard Tag Reminders

You can make a prayer reminder for yourself or another Christian. Volunteers at The Voice of the Martyrs made prayer reminders from paper tags and chalkboard tags. If you would like to make some for yourself or another Christian, cut chalkboard tags into desired shapes, then glue them to paper tags. (See the photo.) Write […]

Father’s Day Prayer Reminder

In countries where the government tries to limit the spread of the gospel, bold Christians may be arrested for telling non-Christians about Jesus. This week, remember to pray for Christian fathers who are in prison for their faith and for their families who miss them. Cut out photos of fathers from The Voice of the […]