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Iran in the News

Parents and Teachers Government leaders and the news media have focused much attention on the nation of Iran in recent days. But what do the increasing tensions and violent exchange mean for the church in Iran — our Christian brothers and sisters serving Christ amid the upheaval? The Voice of the Martyrs has written a […]

Iran: Thieves Steal Bibles

(Source: VOM Australia) A group of 10 thieves in Iran earned a living by taking things that didn’t belong to them. They had worked together for three years, so they were probably pretty good at their sinful activities. One day, the thieves saw a woman carrying a big bag. Hoping the bag was full of […]

Iran: Faithful Witness Brings Hope

(Source: VOM Australia) “Lord, if You are real, You need to tell me today,” said the young woman on the bus. “Otherwise I will walk in front of the bus and let it run over me.” The woman, who lived in Iran, was going to have a baby. But she was not married and she […]

Iranian Date Snack

Cut open lengthwise about ½ pound of dates. Break walnut halves in half lengthwise and insert one walnut piece in each date and close the date. Arrange the dates on a shallow serving dish. Melt a stick of margarine and stir in a half cup of flour over low heat until smooth. Pour the mixture […]

Iran: God’s Help in a Dream

Dr. Mehrdad is a Christian leader from Iran, where most of the people are Muslims. He recently talked with VOM Radio about how fast the church in Iran is growing. With the growth of the church comes persecution. But God is faithful to encourage His people who suffer. Dr. Mehrdad told the following story about […]