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Iran: Pray for Lydia

(Source: Sam and Maryam love their daughter, Lydia, very much. (See their photo above.) Lydia has a heart defect and other health problems, but thankfully Maryam is a nurse and can take excellent care of her. But officials in Iran, where the family lives, want to take Lydia away from her parents. They plan […]

Iranian Prisoners: What You Can Do

[Photo: Iranian prisoner Hossein Kadivar] The Voice of the Martyrs has recently added several Iranian prisoners to the website. Officials arrested nine of the prisoners last year. They were accused of “acting against national security.”   In fact, the men were helping lead their church after their pastor was put in prison. The government […]

Iran: Woman Released Due to COVID-19

Mahrokh Roksare Kanbari is a follower of Jesus in Iran. (See her photo above.) Government agents raided her home, and took away her cell phones and Christian materials. They forced her to go to a Muslim religious leader to be “instructed.” She was ordered to leave her faith in Christ behind and to return to […]

A Bible Smuggler in Iran

Patrick K. is a Bible smuggler. A few years ago, Patrick talked with VOM’s Todd Nettleton at Read the story below that Patrick told Todd about his smuggling team taking Bibles into Iran, a country where most of the people are Muslims. The first time I went into Iran, I had about 80 Bibles […]

Iran in the News

Parents and Teachers Government leaders and the news media have focused much attention on the nation of Iran in recent days. But what do the increasing tensions and violent exchange mean for the church in Iran — our Christian brothers and sisters serving Christ amid the upheaval? The Voice of the Martyrs has written a […]