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Sleeping on the Roof

Late at night, after most people in Pakistan were asleep, Adbul secretly approached a house in his village and climbed up to the roof, where he slept until about 5 a.m. He woke up when the sun rose, climbed down, and walked quietly away. The house belonged to Abdul’s parents, who had kicked him out […]

Learning to Play

The previous post told about Aaron, a Pakistani Christian who stayed in Pakistan to help kids learn about Jesus. Many Christian families in Pakistan have to work at brick kilns because better jobs often go to Muslim workers. Aaron visited a brick kiln to minister to the people. He saw children as young as 4 […]

Needed at Home

Aaron gave his life to Christ at a Bible camp in Pakistan when he was 13 years old. He studied the Bible and shared his faith with others. But as time went on, Aaron was not content with his life. He wished he could leave his home in Pakistan and move to another country. Like […]

A Stuck Cow

  One day, a traveling team of Christians visited a carnival in Pakistan. The Christians hoped to share the good news of Jesus with the citizens of the town. Most of the people in Pakistan are Muslims. As the team drove toward the carnival, they noticed a boy crying. Then they saw why he was […]

IDOP Reminder: Join the Global Prayer Meeting

The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church will be observed on November 4th this year. Parents and Teachers You can help your children “remember them that are in bonds” (Hebrews 13:3) on IDOP Sunday and throughout the year. Order a free DVD about Pakistani Christians here to preview and show, if appropriate, to […]