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How a New Church Started in India

A village pastor in India

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Suta is a village pastor in India. Like the majority of people in India, he grew up in a Hindu family. (See what Hindus believe here.) But now Suta follows Jesus. He wants others to learn the truth about Jesus, too.

One day, Suta believed that God was telling him to share the gospel with people in a nearby village. The people in the village were very dedicated Hindus. As he began sharing his testimony from place to place in the village, some Hindu men threatened him and told him to leave the village.

Suta was puzzled. He asked God, “Why are they telling me not to come into the village when You told me to go?”

Suta decided he had given up to easily.

Back to the Village
Suta returned to the village. This time, the villagers beat him up and threw him in a 10-foot deep ditch.

But Raji, one of the Hindu men, began to feel guilty about hurting Suta. “I have persecuted an innocent man,” he later told his wife at home. Raji’s wife was worried that Suta’s God might punish them. “Go bring that man into our home,” she said. “We have to take care of him.”

Raji pulled Suta out of the ditch and carried him to his home. Raji’s wife took care of Suta, and Suta shared the gospel with her. When Suta prayed for her sick relative, God healed the relative!

Everyone in the village heard the news. All of Raji’s family and Suta’s attackers came to faith in Christ. “We were wrong,” the attackers said. “You were preaching the true God. Please forgive us.”

A new church started in the village. “If I had not gone to preach, I would have not got persecuted,” Suta said. “But I did, and now there is one more church.”

Suta has asked VOM for the following things.

  • A bicycle to ride from village to village sharing the gospel.
  • Bibles for believers in his area.
  • Prayers to reach more villages and for protection.

“My prayer request is that I want to reach more villages,” Suta said. “I want to tell them about Jesus, and I want to see more people turn to Jesus.”

(Source: The Voice of the Martyrs February 2015 magazine. Edited from the original for length and clarity.)