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Video Clip from Inside North Korea

Note: Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, will celebrate his 32nd birthday on January 8, 2015. Pray that he will open his heart to the love of Jesus and will no longer persecute Christians.

It is very difficult for North Koreans to learn about Jesus. North Koreans are not allowed to own Bibles. Very few people are permitted to have the Internet, so they can’t learn about Jesus from people in other countries. TVs in North Korea show only programs approved by the government.

The Voice of the Martyrs sponsors Scripture balloon launches to send Scriptures to North Korea by balloons. Christians try to find other ways to get the truth to North Korea.

Some North Koreans have left their country to find a better life in other places. Sometimes they find out about Jesus in their new lands. Brave North Korean Christians return to North Korea at great risk to tell their family and friends what they have learned.

The video clip below shows two men watching a Christian message that was smuggled into the country on a thumb drive. One of the men holds a New Testament from a VOM-sponsored ministry pack.

Note the pictures of two men on the wall. North Koreans are required to display pictures of their leaders in their homes. They are expected to look to their leaders for all their needs. The courageous Christian who took the video wanted to show that God’s Word also truly exists inside North Korea.

Pray for North Koreans.