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Iran Puzzle

December 21st is sometimes observed as the anniversary of the first crossword puzzle. On that date, a New York newspaper published a “word-cross” puzzle. The puzzle creator borrowed ideas from earlier forms of puzzles, including the word square.

In a word square puzzle, the words read the same vertically (up and down) and horizontally (across). Read the information below about Iran. Then use the clues and a Bible to help you complete the puzzle.

Iran is part of the continent of Asia. Tehran is its capital. The country is near Turkey, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Most of the people are Muslims, but many are coming to Christ. Muslims who become Christians are sometimes persecuted by friends, relatives, teachers, and officials.


Across and Down Clues

  1. Tehran is the capital of _____.
  2. Jesus told his disciples that He would _____ from the dead (Mark 9:31).
  3. Iran is part of the continent of _____.
  4. Iran is _____ Turkey, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Word Square Answers

  1. Iran, rise, Asia, near.



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