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Lost and Found

New Christians in Asia burning their old idols

Yee, a 14-year-old girl in Asia, came from a poor family. Then a woman offered her a job. The woman said she would pay Yee very well. Yee accepted the job.

But instead of giving her work to do, the woman took Yee to Thailand and sold her! The people who bought her made her work for no money at all. They took away all her possessions, including the cell phone she used to keep in touch with her family. Her parents’ phone number was stored in her phone, but Yee didn’t know it by heart.

For four years, her parents did not know where she was. They cried, and they worried, but they did not pray to God because they were not Christians. They went to Buddhist monks and spirit-worshiping witch doctors for help, but nothing changed.

Finally they visited a Christian pastor. The pastor and the leaders of his church prayed for Yee earnestly for a month.

Going Home
In the meantime, Yee was involved in a bus crash that left her with a broken arm and leg. Then one night, she had a dream. In the dream, a man in white clothing came to her and revealed her mother’s phone number to her. She tried hard to remember it. The next day, she borrowed a cell phone and called the number. It was really her mother’s number!

Yee was able to go home, and because of her amazing return, she and her mother trusted in Christ as their Savior. Yee’s father has not yet decided to follow Christ. Yee said to him, “God has rescued me; why do you not honor Him?”

Yee is thankful for the faithful prayers of the Christians who prayed for her while she was away from home.

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