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Brother K Update

AsiaHouse church meeting in Asia

A previous post told the story of Brother K, a Christian in Asia. The authorities in his village were angry because Brother K held a Christmas celebration without their permission. The Voice of the Martyrs has received the following update about Brother K.

“A Christian in Asia has asked us to pray for Brother K. His family is still the only Christian family in the area.

“Many times he has been threatened by villagers and authorities who tell him to forsake his faith. Brother K disobeys them and teaches the Bible to his family every Sunday.

“We have been told that if Brother K does not give up his faith, the local government will cut off his water and electricity. Brother K is prepared to dig a well to get water for his family.”

To Discuss

  • Talk with your family about what a day at your house would be like with no water or electricity.
  • Luke 14:28 tells us to “count the cost” before we decide to follow Jesus. If someone in Brother K’s village wanted to join his family in trusting Jesus, what might be the cost?


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