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More from the Bitterman Family


A previous post shared an account from the daughter of Chet Bitterman, a missionary to Colombia, and his family.

Relatives of Mr. Bitterman shared the following comments with Kids of Courage.

Esther, Chet Bitterman’s daughter

When I was little, I asked, “If God loves us, why did he allow my father to die?” Now I know that pain in the world is the result of sin. God can work good out of it.

The bad things are not the last chapter. It’s not where the story ends. We don’t see the big picture. Things that seem bad at the time can turn out to be good. If you have a flat tire, you will be frustrated. But you might drive down the road and see that you missed being in a landslide because you had to fix the flat tire.

God doesn’t cause bad things. He uses painful things as a building block to redemption.

Mary Bitterman, Chet’s mother

[Chester and Mary Bitterman had eight children: Chet, Curt, Connie, Carol, Craig, Grant, Chris, and Cindy.]
We never had a TV until Chet was kidnapped. We had Christian radio, records, and books. My husband thought they were better than sitting in front of the TV. The children had active fun, like building something.

We had a constant stream of missionaries as guests in and out of our house. One stayed for a month. We read missionary stories and missionary letters.

Message from Mrs. Bitterman for young people

Commit yourself to God for whatever he wants you to do. Be sure you’re committed, because the task is not always easy.

Message from Mrs. Bitterman for parents

Give your children to God and let him decide what’s going to happen to them. Then thank God for whatever ministry he gives them.

(Source: Bold Believers in Colombia, available in the Downloads section of this site.)


3 Responses to More from the Bitterman Family

  1. Cynthia Aycock | June 29, 2015 at 7:00 AM | Reply

    Good morning. A few years back, I found a letter in my mama’s bible. It was dated March 10, 1981.The letter was from a friend’s daughter, Carol, who was a missionary with Chet and his family. In it she is telling her mother about Chet and how he died. It also goes into why they have decided to stay and continue their work. If Ester is interested in the letter, I would be happy to give it to her. Thank you.

  2. I pray that the Christians in America today would be strong like this family. I think if we turn off our internet and TV’s and get back into the WORD, we may have a chance.

    Peace in HIM
    Janet Neely


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