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“We Trusted in God and His Victory”

A previous post shared an account of two ladies who took a difficult trip to deliver Bibles to Hmong Christians. The story continues below.

“But the devil is not happy when the Bible is spread!

“The second and third days we had to change our location constantly [due to disturbances]. But in the power of God, we declared the Word of God and prayed together. We trusted in God and his victory.

“In only three days, the people really saw that God is a powerful God.

“Then we traveled 47 kilometers [about 29 miles] to another village. We rode three hours on a motorbike and passed through many streams. My friend fell many times. Her stomach began to ache. We thought we could not go on, but we prayed and after 15 minutes she was healed.

“We went at night. I wished I had wings to fly; we were really tired. I kept asking [our guides] how much farther it was, and they always answered, ‘Not that far.’ But I felt like it was a decade.

“After going really far, we came to the small village. My heart was overjoyed. The hosts came out and welcomed us.

“We sat beside a warm fire, and I felt something. I touched my leg. A leech was biting me! I was so afraid. The host caught it for me and threw it into the fire. I saw another leech, full of blood, on the ear of one of the Hmong Christians.

“We did not dare go outside because the area was full of leeches. We didn’t know how we would go to the jungle to use the ‘bathroom.’

“We slept after eating a late dinner. The next morning we went to the church where more than 100 people waited for us. We forgot all our tiredness and continued teaching.

“This was the first time the church leaders had received any training, even though the church had been open for about 16 years.

“The Hmong churches are wonderful. They treated the Bibles like treasures and heard the Word carefully. After the services they wrapped the Bible in a plastic bag and then put it in another bag.

“When I saw everyone, from the youth to the old people, taking the Bibles in their hands that VOM had sent them, my heart was full of joy. I knew that the Bible was the best gift for them. I hope that you will continue to pray for us as we do the work of God for his kingdom. Amen. Praise the Lord.”

[Photo: Youth in Vietnam with new Bibles]

To Think About

  • When you think about missionaries and evangelists, what do you imagine their lives to be like? Is what you imagine anything like the lives of the ladies in Vietnam?
  • List some of the daily needs of the Hmong Christians that the women visited. Why do you think the lady who visited them said, “I knew that the Bible was the best gift for them”?



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