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Nigerian Christian Singing Praises to God

In past years, The Voice of the Martyrs learned about attacks on Christians in Nigeria a few times a year. Now it is not unusual to hear about two or three attacks by each month.

But Christians in Nigeria still meet together to worship and praise God, and their faith remains strong. The Nigerian Christian in the video clip lost his leg in an attack by radical Muslims. Listen to him sing praise to God.

Find more clips of Christians around the world praising God by scanning the QR codes in the post “Praising God Around the World: A QR Code Activity”. Enter “Nigeria” in the search box on this site or use the Nigeria tag in this post to find more stories.


3 Responses to Nigerian Christian Singing Praises to God

  1. this is amazing my mom is using this for ladies Bible study thank you koc we should pray everyday im going to work for voice of the martys God bless you


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