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Christmas Persecution

Children at a village in Laos

Brother K and his family live in Asia. After they gave their lives to Jesus, they were the only Christians in their village. The village leaders made a rule that no one in the village could visit or talk with the new Christians.

Last Christmas, Brother K invited Christians from two other villages to come to his house for a Christmas celebration. The village authorities were angry because Brother K had not asked their permission to have a Christmas celebration in the village.

“If I had asked permission, you would have said no,” Brother K said to the authorities. “All religions have their own celebrations, so what is wrong with me inviting Christians to come to my house for a Christmas celebration?”

“Brother K will not give up easily and leave his faith,” said a VOM contact in his area. “He is full of joy in the Lord. He will stay in the village until they force him to move.”

In some places, even having a Christmas celebration can bring persecution on a family.

If you live in a free country, thank God for the freedom to celebrate his Son’s birth.


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