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I Commit to Pray

A new website,, invites Christians around the world to pray for persecuted Christians whose stories are told on the site. Todd Nettleton of The Voice of the Martyrs said, “What we envision for is a great prayer meeting for persecuted Christians. But instead of gathering in a church, or someone’s living room, Christians will gather online to pray for the persecuted church.”

VOM hopes to print some of the prayers and take them to show persecuted Christians in other countries. The prayers will let the Christians know that they are not forgotten by their Christian brothers and sisters in other lands.

Visitors to the site can read stories of Christians and read the prayers of others who come to the site. Readers can sign up and post prayers of their own; older youth and adults can register using their Facebook account and invite friends to join with them in prayer.

“The first request of our persecuted family, when we go and visit them, is that we pray for them,” said Nettleton. “ grew out of our desire to fulfill their request.”