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Seven-Year-Old Boy Strengthens Iranian Believers


Christians in Iran have told The Voice of the Martyrs about a 7-year-old Iranian Christian boy. The boy used to be a Muslim. When he was born, his parents gave him the name of a well-known relative of Mohammed. Mohammed was the founder of the Muslim religion.

When Muslims in Iran become Christians, many of them begin to use Christian names instead of the Muslim names they were born with. When the 7-year-old boy decided to follow Christ, he did not change his name. “I want people to know that even someone with my name can be saved!” he said.

In Iran, it is not unusual for Christian teens to lead Christian groups and for young people to get together and pray for three or four hours at a time. A young Christian from another country visited one of the prayer meetings. Here is what this Christian said about the meeting:

“I went to a four-hour prayer meeting, which was amazing. One thing that will never leave my mind is a 7-year-old boy walking around the room as people prayed. When people would stop for a minute due to weariness, the boy would put his hand on them and say to them: ‘Do not grow weary in doing good. Be encouraged, and keep on!”

The boy at the prayer meeting was the same boy who kept his Muslim name to show that Muslims can be saved. Pray he will continue to be an encouragement and a blessing to the Christians in Iran.

To think about: How might you be a blessing to a Christian who needs encouragement?