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Hmong Service Interrupted

Hmong Christians in Vietnam
Hmong Christians in Vietnam

Suppose you and your family were sitting with other families in church one Sunday, and several visitors arrived. But these are not friendly visitors.

They identify themselves as local officials, and they take away everyone’s cell phones so the members can’t contact anyone. Then the visitors gather up Bibles and hymnals and take them to their vehicles.

Instead of the pastor giving a sermon, the visitors speak. They tell everyone that they will arrest the pastor if the church members meet for worship services again.

The officials explain that they plan to station a policeman outside the church. If any member comes to the church while the policeman is there, the church member will be kicked out and the officials will come and tear down the church.

That is what happened at a Hmong church in Vietnam several weeks ago. The police in Vietnam do not like it when Christianity spreads among tribal groups such as the Hmong.

  • The Christians in the church are asking for prayer that they will stay strong in their faith.
  • Can you write and present a skit based on the events at the Hmong church in Vietnam and share it with a class or group? Encourage the group to pray for Hmong Christians.



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