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God Can Help Where Police Do Not


The Voice of the Martyrs received a report from a Christian in a country where most of the people are not followers of Christ. Some people in the country try to stop Christianity from spreading.

The report said:

Again we have had very bad persecution in one of our villages. A teacher from another religion said that Christians are ruining the country with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So the teacher brought kerosene, paper, and firewood to burn the church. At midnight he set a fire in the Sunday school. It was burned completely.

Other villagers gathered around him to help him finish the job. They gathered all the church instruments and put them in the fire. They told the Christians not to say anything to anyone about the fire. “If you do,” they said, “we will hurt you, too.”

Some Christians informed the police about what happened. The police said, “It is a religious matter. We cannot help.”

Christians from outside the village asked the Christians from the burned church, “How can we help?”

What do you think the Christians answered? They said, “Please pray for us and help us however you can.”

To Think About
In countries where Christians are persecuted, the Christians often ask for prayer before they ask for anything else. Why do you think they ask for prayer first?


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