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Waiting for Moses

Twelve-year-old Sajid makes bricks in Pakistan. He and his mother, Miriam; brother, Aaron; and sister, Naomi, are the only Christians working at a brick factory. Their boss and the other workers are Muslims. Sajid’s father died when Sajid was 10.

Sajid’s family works six days a week. The boss pays them only $4.15 for every 1,000 bricks they make. Then he takes almost half of the money away from them for “expenses and debts.”

Sajid went to school for four years before his father died. Then he had to go to work to help his family. He is the only member of his family who can read. At church, he reads the Bible to the congregation. He loves to worship God, and he hopes to be a pastor someday.

Extra Work for Jesus
But Sajid does not always get to go to church. His boss, Mr. Ali, wants Sajid and his family to become Muslims. He promises them money if they will stop being Christians. Whenever they refuse to become Muslims, he gives them extra work and even makes them work on Sunday.

Miriam tells her children, “See, we are like the Israelites in the Bible. They were forced to make bricks for Pharaoh. Some day our Moses will come to free us, too. We must wait for Jesus Christ to come. Then we will be able to praise him forever.”

Once when Mr. Ali asked the family to become Muslims for money, Miriam answered, “How can we sell our faith? Our Moses will come. We love Jesus. We are willing to do whatever extra work we must do. Jesus died for our sins. So I do not see why we can’t do a little extra work for him.”

Mr. Ali did not like Miriam’s answer. In anger, he slapped Sajid.

On some Sundays, Sajid’s family is able to go to church in secret. They go without food to save money for their bus fare to the church.

Thank God for Christians like Sajid and his family who love and praise God even when they suffer. Ask God to keep them strong in their faith.



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