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Kids Grateful for Bibles

Chinese girl reading a Bible

VOM provides Bibles to people in countries where access to Bibles is limited, and receives thank-you letters from grateful children who have been given their first Bibles through the program. These children may be the future Christian leaders in their countries.

The following are a few of the translated letters received recently from Chinese children to VOM supporters who provide the Bibles.

Thank you for giving us the word of God to read it. When I was in trouble, it was you who helped me obey God. I am not a model student. I still remember in Grade Eight, I didn’t study in class, and made trouble such as sleeping, making faces. I ignored what my teachers said. Later, my mother believed in the Lord. In the beginning, I didn’t believe. But after reading the Bible, I came to believe in Him. Sometimes I went to church to listen to the sermons. I felt meaningful. After believing in the Lord, I was changed. I was no longer a trouble maker. I stopped sleeping and began listening to my teachers carefully.

Lord, thank you for letting me know you. I will follow you forever.

Respectful aunts and uncles,

Greetings! I am Wang, 12 years old. I am in Grade Six. From my childhood I went to church with my mother and she often reads the Bible for me.

Several days ago, my mother gave me the Bible and told me it was your contribution in love. I am glad. God bless you.

Every day, I read two chapters and share them with my mother. The words of God are good. Once I played with friends. Two of them argued with each other, and they didn’t speak to one another. I had no idea [what to do]. Suddenly, one verse in Matthew came into my mind: Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God… so I did work with them and they both agreed to make their peace. I had the blessing of God. Thank the Lord!

I will read the Bible carefully, and use it to help more people. I want to become the one who loves the Lord like you. May the Lord bless us! Amen! Love you.

Aunts and uncles, greetings!

The teacher of our church has given me the Bible from you. I am a student in Grade Five. I attend Sunday school. I believed in the Lord last year. I didn’t have the Bible. When my teacher asked me to recite verses, I borrowed from my classmate and copied. I asked my teacher for the Bible. She said when she had the Bible she would give it to me. I prayed to God: please give me the Bible. You see, [everyone had a] Bible except me. This year, when I went to Sunday school last time, the Sunday school teacher gave me one new bible. I was so glad to have it. After I got home, I told my parents I had the Bible at last. They didn’t believe and laughed. So I told them how I got the Bible. They were excited hearing it. They told me it was because of the grace of God.

I give thanks to God. I also thank you for your contribution in love. I appreciate your help to house churches. May everyone have the Bible to read.

God remember you. Bless you, revive your church and add believers to your church. Amen.

Spiritual fathers, peace from the Lord!

I am a student. I have been in Sunday school from my childhood. I often tell my classmates the story of Jesus and they listen to me carefully. I thought how wonderful it would be if there was the Bible for them. I have prayed to God for it over one year. The day before yesterday, when I came back home, my mother told me brothers from a distant place had supported our church with the Bible. I was overjoyed enough to jump high. Glory be to the Lord. May God bless you with good health, abundant life.

I am Liu, 11 years old. I am in Grade Five in the primary school. Two years ago, I believed in Jesus with my mother. By the Bible and biblical books I know about the Lord. So I know I will trust in the Lord. I also thank uncles and aunts far away from us for giving us the Bible. I am willing to tell Jesus to my schoolmates.

(Edited from original sources for clarity)



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