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Scripture Smuggler Game


A Christian who was in prison for spreading the gospel in a Christian-unfriendly country wanted to share Bible verses with other prisoners. So he wrote verses on small pieces of paper. Then he cut a bar of soap in half and hollowed out part of one of the halves. After putting the Bible verses in the hole, he put the soap back together and used some water to seal it.

When the guards weren’t looking, the prisoner slid the soap under the cell bars, past a guard’s office, and under more bars into a wing of the prison where other prisoners were located.

Cut a slit in the top of two small boxes of equal size. Insert a Bible verse on a small piece of paper through the slit into the boxes. Tape the boxes shut to represent bars of soap.

(Variation: Use the instructions in a soap-making kit to make small bars of soap. Add Bible verses on small pieces of paper before the soap hardens.)

Divide a group into two teams with an equal number of players. Mark starting and finish lines several yards apart. Mark another line halfway between the starting and finish lines. To represent the jail cell doors, place two chairs just beyond the finish lines, one for each team. (Variation: Hang several strands of crepe paper from the ceiling to about six inches above the floor for each team.)

Using relay race rules, let the first player on each team run to the halfway line, place the soap on the floor, and slide it along the floor air-hockey style to get it under their team’s chair. If they miss, they can retrieve the soap and return to the center line to try again. The second player then runs into the cell, gets the soap, and takes it back to the third player, who slides it as the first player did. The team whose members all finish their task first wins.

(Variation: Have someone act as a prison guard. When the guard comes out of an “office,” no one can slide the soap until the guard leaves.)