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Write a Report: Be a Voice

You can be a voice for the persecuted by using information about persecuted Christians in your school reports. Read the ideas below. Can you think of other ways to include information about today’s heroes of the faith in your school work?

Savannah, a 4th grader in California, attended a meeting at her church where a speaker from The Voice of the Martyrs talked about the persecuted church. After the meeting, she used what she had learned, along with information from the VOM magazine, to write a report. “I wrote it half for school and half for the fun of it,” said Savannah.

The report helped Savannah become a voice for the persecuted. She took it to the local newspaper office, and it was published in the religion section of the paper! Many readers were informed about the courage and needs of suffering believers around the world.


  • Read a book about a Christian hero. Then read a book about someone who is successful in the eyes of the world. In what ways are the people alike? In what ways are they different? Include your ideas in a book report.
  • Tell someone about a book you read about a bold Christian, and encourage them to ask you questions about the book. Write down their questions and your answers. Use the questions and answers the basis for a report.
  • Show a clip from the video section of this site as part of a report. Or draw pictures to illustrate the report.
  • Make stick or sock puppets of characters in a book and act out part of the story.
  • Write a script for a play or screenplay for a movie based on a book you read.
  • Submit your report to a newspaper, magazine, or Internet site as a book review.