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Youth Pray at a Persecution “Lock-in”

A story from the Kids of Courage archives

Two speakers from The Voice of the Martyrs were “locked in” with Georgia youth at an overnight lock-in. The VOM visitors challenged the youth to notice the opportunities God places before them.

The youth and their Bible study leader, Gina, had already spent several weeks learning about the persecuted church. Seventeen different schools were represented among the members of the group. The youth spread the word about the  project at their schools.

The Lock-in
After so much preparation, the students were eager to start the lock-in. The excitement spread to some of their parents, who also attended. A man in the church even composed a song for the event. VOM speakers shared photos of persecuted Christians and guidance about how youth can pray for suffering believers.

The group also had a “secret underground church meeting” in a darkened room to better understand what worshipers in other countries may have to face. As in some restricted nations, the only Scriptures allowed were those that the “congregation” had memorized.

“The lock-in opened up their whole view of the world,” Gina said. An 8th grader who attended said, “We’ve been worried about things like how our hair looks and if we’re going to get a boyfriend [at our youth activities]. That’s not how it is in other countries. When they go to church, they may never come back.”

“The examples of people they see are as far as they’re going to progress,” said one of the VOM speakers. “Youth want to be opened up to a biblical life. The lock-in was a good starting point.”