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Ngun Si Par

A girl in Burma
A girl in Burma

On January 4th, the people of Burma celebrate their Independence Day. Burma (also called Myanmar) became independent from Britain in 1948.

Most people in Burma are Buddhists. Buddhism was started by Siddartha Gautama, a prince in India. He was called “Buddha.”

Buddhists do not have regular worship services at their temples. Instead, they may bring gifts to a temple and bow to a statue of Buddha to show respect.

VOM contacts talked to Ngun Si Par, a 13-year-old girl in Burma. She told the contacts about her life in Burma. Read what she said below.

“My father died when I was 3 years old. Our family has four members. My mother is jobless; many people in Burma are jobless.

“Our house is built of bamboo. It has one bedroom and a kitchen. We use firewood for cooking. All of us sleep in the bedroom on the floor. We do not have beds. The toilet is outside the house.

“My school is made of brick and cement. I go to school from Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 3:00. School is open from June to March. My favorite subject is English. I love to read. I want to be a doctor someday to help poor people like me.

“My birthday is in October. To celebrate, I invite my friends and my pastor prays for me. On Christmas, our church members gather to celebrate. We kill a pig and eat together.

“Our whole family shares one Bible. My favorite story is Jonah. It tells us we are given lessons when we disobey God. My favorite verses are Psalm 25:1–5.

“I like to go to church. Our church is very small and few members attend it. We sing, give testimonies, listen to preaching, and pray.

“My Buddhist friends always say to me, ‘Your God is invisible.’ It is sometimes difficult for me to be humble to them. But whenever I pray, God gives me peace.”

(Edited from the original source for clarity.)

To Talk About

  • Read Psalm 25:1–5. Why do you think these might be Ngun Si Par’s favorite verses?
  • How would your life be different if you knew very few Christians and most children around you were followers of another religion?

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