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Christmas Adventure

Advent Wreath

The Voice of the Martyrs received the following letter after Christmas last year. The letter came from a homeschooling family of nine in Texas.

“This year our family is celebrating Advent. We performed random acts of kindness each day of Advent. They were humble acts, and all the glory goes to God.

“We decided to do things that represent the miracles Jesus performed while he was on earth. For example, his first miracle was turning water to wine. So first we handed out water bottles and grape juice together. For healing miracles, on different days we handed out small first aid kits, hand sanitizer, tissues, and soup.

“Each day we had 25 to 50 bags to hand out. Each bag had a simple card in it that said, ‘This is a free gift. It represents a miracle that Jesus performed while here on earth. To learn more about this miracle, read (an appropriate Bible verse was given).’

“We handed them out at fast food restaurants, stores, gas stations, the mall. We had a variety of responses. Some people saw us and ran in the other direction. Some offered us money, even though we said it was free. A handful said they were not worthy of a free gift. But when we told them that it was for everyone, not just Christians, they changed. A few people said they had already accepted Christ and took the gift to give to someone else.

“I think the best part of this was seeing how my children responded to people ignoring them or saying no. It demonstrated how some people reject Christ’s free gift, and that it was hard to be rejected by people we didn’t know.”

To Think About: Can you think of a unique way to demonstrate Christ’s love to others at Christmastime?

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