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“No Prayer, No Power”


Stephen was born into a Christian family in Burma. “I was born again when I was 9,” he said. Stephen thought a lot about tribal people in his country who do not have Bibles in their own language.

Most people in Burma are Buddhists. Fewer than 10 percent are Christians. Stephen would like to see the numbers rise to 50 or 60 percent in his lifetime.

Stephen decided to go to Bible school to better learn how to share the gospel. School was difficult for Stephen because the classes were taught in English, and he did not speak English. But he asked God to help him, studied hard, and learned English.

Stephen said that he will not be satisfied until he has personally led 50,000 people to Christ! “There are people who are ready to receive Christ,” said Stephen. “We pray the Lord will use us to bring light into this dark country.”

But Stephen will need help. “We are strong in faith, and we need people who will pray for us faithfully….No prayer, no power.”

It is not always easy to share the gospel in Burma. “Even though we are persecuted, it is for the advance of the gospel,” Stephen said.

(Source: Brad Konemann, Youth Director, VOM Australia)

To Think About:
If God allows Stephen to preach for 50 years, how many people will he lead to Christ each year for 50,000 to follow Jesus? How many people each day?

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  1. I started to know God better when I was 8. I always believed in him but since then I started to get active.


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