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Happy in My Heart

Kids in Bangladesh

The Voice of the Martyrs is part of a group of missions around the world that serve the persecuted church. A worker from another mission in VOM’s family shared the following story after a trip to Bangladesh.

The worker said:

Nine-year-old Abraham lives with his Christian family in a small village in Bangladesh. On Friday afternoon, they join with other Christians and have a church service on a porch. They have to talk quietly during the service in case the neighbors are listening.

The neighbors are Muslims. They are not happy that Abraham’s family is Christian. When Abraham passes by their house, they look at him angrily.

“Since my parents and I believed in Jesus, other people treat us badly,” said Abraham. “Friends won’t play with me anymore, and some kids hit me.

“The teacher says I have to go to a different school. It makes me sad that no one in the village like us. But still, I am happy in my heart because we know and love Jesus.

“I like it when the pastor talks about Noah. I like the story a lot. Noah stayed faithful to God even though many people did not want to listen to him.”

The worker from the VOM mission also said, “If you live in Bangladesh and start following Jesus, a lot of people don’t like it. Some Christians are not allowed to drink from the village water wells or borrow things from neighbors. Sometimes children are picked on at school, just like Abraham.

“Pray that the Christians will be faithful to Jesus, that they will not be teased, and that they can have church services freely.”

Watch a video from Bangladesh here.

Source: SDOK, translated from the original and edited


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