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Facts about Somalia


  • The capital of Somalia is Mogadishu.
  • Somalia is about the size of Texas.
  • Almost 100 percent of the people are Muslims.
  • There are no public places of worship for non-Muslims.
  • Only about 40 percent of adults can read.
  • Somalis are expected to live (“life expectancy”) until about age 50.
  • “School life expectancy” is 3 years for boys and 2 for girls. (The number of years of schooling children are expected to get is the “school life expectancy.”)
  • Wars and fighting have disturbed the country for many years.
  • A Muslim terrorist group, al-Shabab, persecutes Christians.

To Do: Turn each fact above into a prayer for Somalia. For example, the first fact is, “The capital of Somalia is Mogadishu.” You might pray, “Dear God, Please let all the people of Mogadishu learn that you love them. We pray that more and more Somalis will follow you and share your love with others in Africa. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


10 Responses to Facts about Somalia

  1. Actually Shabaab kill everyone who does not believe [what] they believe in.

    So for example if I love peace and I love my Somali people and I work to benefit the country I might be targeted.because that’s their aim anything that helps the economy and the people should never exist. Sadly so many Muslim somalis have died this way from graduates to workers to people in mosques praying.
    Thank you for praying for my country
    that’s appreciated from a fellow Somali sister. God bless you♡

  2. we should pray for them everyday I got into a school and talked about the persecuted church the kids loved it keep up the good work koc God bless


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