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Pakistan: No Longer Enemies


Ask God to show you how to share His love with others who need a helping hand during a time of struggle.

Seeta and Kamilah were teenage girls from a village in Pakistan. They were students at the village high school and their favorite subject was art. Like many Pakistani girls, they used their artistic talent to draw designs on the backs of their hands with henna dye. Since this was forbidden at school, Seeta and Kamilah drew designs on only one hand and kept that hand hidden in their clothes!

The two friends enjoyed learning languages. They could speak a little English, as well as two Pakistani languages. They also loved to watch television, but they were able to do so only when visiting cousins in a city. Their homes in the village didn’t have television.

One day, an earthquake shook the ground for six minutes in and around their village. When it ended, much of the village was rubble. Seeta and Kamilah could no longer attend school, study art, or learn languages. They didn’t even live in houses anymore; they lived in tents. Life became more of a struggle.

Surprised by Christians
Seeta, Kamilah, and all the other people in their village were Muslims. They didn’t often associate with Christians. In fact, some teachers in the earthquake zone encouraged students to hate Christians and to think of them as enemies. But after the earthquake, some of the victims changed their minds about Christians.

Some Christians in Pakistan came to Seeta and Kamilah’s village after the earthquake. The girls invited a Christian woman into a tent to visit. They told the woman about their lives before and after the quake. The girls missed school, and they missed relatives who died in the disaster.

The woman listened kindly to their stories. The Christian visitors left blankets, clothes, and other aid in the village. After that, Seeta, Kamilah, and the other villagers had a hard time thinking of Christians as “enemies.”

Please pray for people dealing with natural disasters or diseases, and for Christians ministering to them. Ask God to show you how to share His love with others who need a helping hand during a time of struggle.

(From the Kids of Courage archives.)