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Iranian Teacher Comes to Christ

Iranians reading a Bible

A school teacher in Iran was a strong Muslim. One of the teacher’s 15-year-old Christian students was praying for her salvation.

The teacher found herself thinking about God. She prayed, “God, I want to be closer to you. What do I need to do?” Then she had a dream. She dreamed she saw a big rock. A voice in her dream said, “Go there to pray.”

The teacher’s Christian student had an idea. He wrapped up a Bible and a Christian DVD, and gave it to the teacher as a gift. She read the Bible, and decided to follow Christ!

When Muslims in Iran become Christians, their families sometimes treat them harshly. What would she tell her husband?

To her surprise, when her husband found out she was a Christian, he said, “I have always loved Christ. But since you were so religious, I did not dare talk about my feelings.”

“Now she teaches Christian values in her classes,” said the Christian student. “She teaches how we need to do good to those who do us harm, and how to love those who hate us. She shares Christ with students who are ready to hear.”

To Discuss

In what ways did the student help the teacher come to the truth about Christ? In what ways can you help people come to Christ? Christian workers in Muslim lands say that many Muslims are coming to Christ after having dreams. What do you think the rock in the teacher’s dreams meant to her? (Read Psalm 18:2.)