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Internet Connections


For many years, most Malaysians have believed “to be Malay is to be Muslim.” The government has encouraged all Malays to think the same way. But today, little by little, it is becoming more acceptable to be “different” in habits and customs.

The Internet is one reason for the change. Malaysians make connections with new people and different ideas on their computers. (Do you think any Malaysians might be reading this site? Visit our map to see!) Pray that Malaysians will connect with people who share the truth of Jesus.

Source: Malay World Prayer Fellowship


One Response to Internet Connections

  1. The internet has many good and bad things within it. I’m glad that KOC has highlighted some good things about it. Such as how people around you world might be able to come to Jesus through this website. Hopefully more and more people will come to follow Christ. 🙂


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