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Burma: May Thin Khai

May Thin Khai

The government in Burma would like everyone in their country to follow Buddhism. So they limit the number of Bibles and Christian books that are brought into Burma. Some Burmese people live their entire lives without ever reading a Bible.

May Thin Khai is a Buddhist girl in Burma. Her grandmother is a Christian, and she teaches May about Jesus. May would like to become a Christian. But it would not be easy because almost everyone she knows is a Buddhist.

May shared her story with workers from The Voice of the Martyrs. Read what she said below, and pray that she will follow Jesus.

May said:

I don’t know the exact date of my birth. I know only that I was born in 1998. My family is Buddhist.

My grandma is a Christian. My parents do not want me to go to church, but sometimes I go with my grandma. She teaches me to memorize Bible verses. I am not a Christian yet, but I do believe in God. Here is the reason why.

One day I accidentally broke the ruler my mom had given me as a present. She is very strict. I was restless and worried about what she would do. So on the way home from school, I started to recite Psalm 46. It was one of the things my grandma had taught me.

When I got home, I admitted my mistake to my mother. She didn’t scold me. She comforted me and bought me a new ruler. So from that day forward, I believed that God can do anything.

My grandmother goes to a house church. I think the best thing about the Christians is that they are loving and kind to others. They are also joyful. Please pray for me to be a Christian like my grandmother.>

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