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Iranian schoolboys

Daniel is a 13-year-old boy in Iran who used to be a Muslim. “Before my faith in Jesus, I did wrong things,” Daniel said. “I went to my uncle’s house and smoked, and I fought a lot. But now that God is in my heart, things are much better.

“I like school because they teach us and help us to reach our target in the future. If other students hurt me, I act with kindness. If they hurt me badly, I go to the principal. I don’t fight.”

Like many Iranian Christians, Daniel attends a secret house church. “They are all good and kind to each other, and they care,” Daniel said of the church members. “God’s presence is there. We pray that God will tell us what he wants from us.

“My favorite Bible story is when the blind man saw Jesus, and he said, ‘I want to see.’ Because he asked with faith, Jesus told him, ‘Your faith has healed you.’ One night before Iranian New Year, I became very ill and asked my dad to pray. The next day I was totally well, and I understood God’s power.

“Right now there is nothing good in Iran. I worry about hanging out with bad people and becoming a loser. I do not want to become ashamed of myself before God.”

To Do: Many young people in Iran do not like the things that are happening in their country. Some do not like the strict Muslim rules of behavior forced on them by the government. Family problems cause other youth to be sad. Pray that discouraged youth will turn to Jesus, and that Christian youth will stand firm in their faith and will not follow bad influences.