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Asal is a 7-year-old Christian girl in Iran. She goes to church at a house church. Only two other children attend the services at her house church. The police in Iran are suspicious if they see large groups of people gathering at a house.

Asal is happy that she has a Christian family. “Before they put their faith in Christ, my mom and dad used to fight all the time,” Asal said. “Now they no longer fight.”

But Asal also said, “The hardest thing about being a Christian is that I cannot openly say I am a Christian.” It’s against the law in Iran for Muslims to become Christians.

“Please pray that one day we may be able to speak freely,” Asal added.

To Do: Have you prayed for Christians in Iran? You can find more about how to pray for Iranians in Bold Believers in Iran, a free activity book in the Downloads section of this site.