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A Boy’s Story


VOM contacts talked to Arshia, a boy in Iran. Read below what Arshia said about his life.

“I am 8 years old. I have no brothers or sisters. I am afraid of loneliness. When I am alone, I pray that God stays with me.“I like algebra and math, and I like to play soccer and eat potato salad. At school, I do not like it at all when the teacher teaches us about the Quran. But if they find out I am a Christian, they will throw me out of school.

“We have church services at home. There are eight children. We read the Bible, and we paint and play games. My hero is David in the Bible.

“I pray for my parents and obey them. When we pray, God answers us. I have been a witness to people being healed by prayer. The kind of peace that is in our home is not found in many families. We would love for all Iranians to become Christians. It’s hard to know that all people do not know Jesus. I would like to ask people to pray for freedom and salvation for Iranians.”

To Do: How many things to pray about can you find in Arshia’s story?