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Women and Christians in Iran

Iran, like Saudi Arabia, is ruled by strict Muslim laws. Women must wear clothing that covers them from head to toe. One kind of covering is called a “chador.” “A chador is like a tent,” said Ruth, an Iranian student. “It’s usually black, and it’s really hot. If you raise your hand, the chador comes up and doesn’t cover you anymore like it’s supposed to, so it’s hard to carry things.”

Iranian women and girls are restricted in other ways, too. Last year, a woman was fined $50 per finger for wearing nail polish.

According to the U.S. State Department, non-Muslims in Iran suffer from government “imprisonment, harassment, intimidation, and discrimination.” Harassment is irritating, annoying, or tormenting someone over and over. Intimidation is making someone fearful by threats. Discrimination is treating one group of people worse than people in other groups.

Pray for Christians and women in Iran.


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