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The “New” Bible Smugglers


“Armita” clutched her bag as she made her way to a table in the small café. After ordering tea, she carefully placed the bag on the floor between her feet and glanced around the crowded room. She smiled, knowing that what she had placed on the floor was about to change lives, but she also knew that members of her country’s secret police could be among the crowd and arrest her. “Dear Jesus,” she prayed silently, “please use this to draw people to You.”

One by one, the café customers searched their phones for a Wi-Fi connection. When they found one that didn’t require a password, they clicked on it. But instead of a page stating the Wi-Fi’s terms and conditions, an offer for a free digital download of the New Testament appeared on their screens.

After Armita finished her tea and paid her bill, she picked up her bag and went home. She planned to do the same thing the next day in a local park.

The Voice of the Martyrs continues to find creative ways of getting God’s Word into restricted nations and hostile areas. We use everything from underground printing presses to modern technology, such as Wi-Fi hotspots like Armita uses and SD cards that can be shared among house-church members. Standard printing presses are also sometimes used to print Bibles during the presses’ off-hours. VOM smuggles Bibles into countries in large quantities; we smuggled 400,000 Bibles into one Asian country over a 12-year period.

In highly restricted nations, faithful believers find creative ways to share the gospel on a regular basis. Join us in praying for the Armitas, printers and other workers — the “new” smugglers — who risk imprisonment and even death to carry out this essential gospel work.