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Vietnam: The Wind and the Police Chief

A worker from The Voice of the Martyrs visited courageous Christians in the Vietnam. The Christians told the visitor a story of God’s protection over them. Read the story below.

Protected Baptism
After a hard day’s work in the fields, several Christian men from Vietnam’s Jorai tribe stopped to take a bath in a creek. They left their clothes on the creek bank.

While they were in the water, they saw the village Chief of Police climbing down the bank. He decided to cool off with them. The chief knew many of the Christians, though he was not a Christian himself. As the villagers talked, a Jorai pastor passed them on a nearby dirt path. The pastor was on his way to a small pool downstream to baptize some new Christians.

Baptisms were not allowed in the area. (See the photo above of a baptism in Vietnam.) The government tries to restrict when and where Christians can tell others about Jesus. Like Peter and the other apostles, many Vietnamese Christians want to “obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).

The Chief of Police had heard about the pastor. He figured out that the pastor was going to an illegal gathering. The chief told one of the Christians, “After my bath is finished, I will go down the hill to the pool and arrest all of them.”

A few minutes after he made his threat, a wind came along and blew his clothes somewhere into the bushes or downstream. The clothes of the other men did not move.

Soon the other men got out of the water and went home. The police chief stayed in the water because he was embarrassed to have no clothes. Finally, when it got dark, he climbed out and went home. The baptism service went on with no interruptions.