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Muslim Family Finds Hope

(Source: VOM Australia. Photo: Reehab, Nazra, and Nayla)

Ten-year-old Reehab was in charge of his siblings, 8-year-old Nazra, and 6-year-old Nayla. He cooked for them, washed their clothes, and watched over them.

The kids and their father, Sabit, live in Malaysia. Sadly, their mother died from an illness. Sabit was very sad and tired while working and trying to keep his family strong. He felt like he couldn’t continue.

A Christian Friend
Like most families in Malaysia, Sabit’s family followed Muslim teachings. But their close friend, Minz, is a Christian. Minz helped the family and comforted them in their sorrow. He even prayed with them and shared the gospel with them.

Sabit didn’t want to leave Islam, but he sent his children to a Christian school where Minz worked. [Islam is the religion of Muslims.] He decided to let them live with relatives for a while. But when the relatives found out that the children were learning about Christianity at school, they refused to help the family anymore.

Now Minz and other Christians help care for the three children. The kids are happy, and Sabit is encouraged. He has not trusted in Jesus yet, but many are praying that he will. Will you join them in praying?