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The Gospel in a Taxi

(Source: VOM Australia)

Some of the best evangelists in Iran are taxi or Uber drivers. (An evangelist is someone who spreads the gospel of Jesus. Most of the people in Iran are Muslims and many have not heard about God’s love for them.)

Two Passengers
One day, an Iranian taxi driver picked up a husband and wife who both worked in a hospital. The man and woman sat in the back seat talking about how bad the COVID situation is. They were tired, stressed, and frustrated. Soon they began saying that they were angry with God about the virus.

The driver listened patiently and then gently offered his thoughts. He agreed that the country is in a sad and difficult situation. But he told them he has peace and hope in the midst of the trouble. He talked about how he knows God as a God of love, compassion, and peace.

Seeing Things in a New Light
The driver probably earned less money on his taxi-driving job that day. He spent three hours explaining the truth about God, Jesus, and the Bible to the passengers. Then the couple trusted in Jesus as their Savior!

The driver gave them a Bible and kept in touch with them. He found out that they share the gospel on their job now, offering a Bible to everyone they talk to and praying for them. (See the photo above.)

To Do
*Praise God for the taxi driver’s faithfulness in sharing the gospel! Ask Him to strengthen the new Christian couple in their faith.
*With a family member or classmate, role play what you would say if someone told you that they were scared about the coronavirus or another situation. Ask a mature Christian to help you prepare an answer. (Read 1 Peter 3:15.)